Scalp & Hair Treatment at iSalon!

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TGIF!!! or should I say TGIBF?! It was a black Friday! Indeed black! I made a whoooole list of appointment so that I can fully utilize my half day leave but in the end (!) half the plan was dropped off… Went all the way Holiday Inn Atrium to collect giveaway prize and as I was leaving, it rain! Gave up the thought of walking to the bus stop (to take a bus to next destination – iSalon), I took a cab instead! Then I realize, I forgotten my dental card! Have to cancel my appointment since I can’t make that trip anymore.. After my hair treatment, I thought of going over to POMO to settle some school stuff but it was raining cats and dogs! My lil umbrella couldn’t withstand the gust of wind and gave way… I had to quickly go back to Plaza Singapura to get sheltered! In the end, I didn’t make it to POMO! Arggg…

I guess the only good thing that happen is that … I made a right choice to cancel my dental appointment (something good after a long day)! Because then I can 100% enjoy my hair treatment without thinking of how to rush for the next appointment! If you’ve guessed it (without much effort) today’s post is about my afternoon at iSalon for a Hair Treatment..

iSalon is the best place to be after a hard day (it’s not even end of the day!)! Always filled with laughter and happiness..! Without further ado.. Let me start today’s post!

So, what’s my treatment today? After telling Susan my (hair) problems, she then catered a scalp & hair treatment for me. Basically is like deep cleansing and giving your hair moisture. I guess it was lack of moisture that’s why I keep having hair breakage.. I almost thought I’ll go bald before my hair turn white. 😥

Did I not mentioned in my previous post – iSalon are using mainly Shiseido products! So you’re gonna see lotsa Shiseido in this post.


The interesting thing about the scalp treatment is that we get to choose the kinda sensation we want! Warm or cool! I chose the “cool” sebum clear gel for my scalp treatment!


The difference between warm and cool gel is the particles in it.



See? For the “warm” gel, the micro beads are red!



& the “cool” gel, the micro beads are blue!

20131130-145037.jpg 20131130-145046.jpg

This gel is applied directly onto me scalp and was massaged in for better absorption. Indeed, it’s very cooling and started made me feel a little cold.. Hahaha..


After applying the gel onto my scalp, Susan starts to gave me a good massage on my scalp to let the dirt and dandruff come out.. Next few pics are gonna be a little “dirty”..

20131130-145210.jpg 20131130-145220.jpg

Can you see small white particles on my hair?

20131130-145227.jpg 20131130-145234.jpg

20131130-145241.jpg 20131130-145250.jpg

These are my flaky dandruff from my sensitive scalp.. After the massage, it was then leave on for about 10 mins before we rinse it off and proceed to the next step, deeep cleansing!


*Deep cleansing in progress* LOL

After all the cleansing and rinsing… I can feel my scalp cleaner and lighter! I like this clean scalp feeling! Like my scalp is less stressful now! Girls, you do facial mask to relax & rejuvenate your skin right? This scalp treatment I just did is almost the same, it rejuvenate my scalp! Feeling fresh and clean!

Back at my seat I was being introduced to this new machine that uses nano technology to make my hair treatment more effective and more worthwhile!!


Instead of just using a regular steamer/heater to make my hair absorb the treatment essence, this machine can open up my (gosh I don’t know how do you call that) “hair pores” (??) and let the essence get absorbs and lock it up! Ok, this is to technical for me to understand.. In layman’s term, using this machine can let my hair absorb 100% of the essence no matter the hair quality is good or bad! When using a regular steamer, how much essence the hair can absorb depends greatly on the hair quality. That’s the difference!



Another thing I like about this machine is that.. you know you are not gona be left alone! Hahahaha! I don’t really like being left alone to wait sometimes. I feel that I’ll be forgotten! (Especially when you’re at a beauty salon doing facial, mask time! The 20 min always seems like an hour!!) LOL…

20131130-145457.jpg 20131130-145505.jpg

What was done here was like what I said earlier, using this nano machine to open up your hair pores! It’s more or less like a steamer.. I thought it will be pretty hot for the hairdresser to keep his/her hand near the steam but actually it’s quite ok (I tried!).. It ain’t that boiling hot, just warm..


Once pores are open, Kylie (Susan went away to attend to another customer) applied the scalp treatment onto my scalp (that’s step 3 already! iSalon’s hair treatment are mostly 5 steps process..)

20131130-151629.jpg 20131130-151634.jpg

When it’s done, we went on to do the hair treatment!


This is the bottle for hair treatment! It is said to be able to gives your hair intensive moisture!!! This product will only be applied to you hair and will not touch the scalp.

20131130-151650.jpg 20131130-151701.jpg

We are not done yet!! After everything was applied onto my scalp & hair, the nano machine is back in action again!!

20131130-151807.jpg 20131130-151814.jpg

Are you able to see the steam better now??


After 15 min of me-time, we went to rinse off again.. This time round we spend more time at the washing area! Why?

20131130-151601.jpg 20131130-151853.jpg

Because I’m doing my hair mask (5 min) & another round of moisture treatment (5 min) for my hair to give it an airy bouncy feel!

It was a pretty long session here, give yourself at least 2.5 hours for this treatment (Scalp & Hair) and you’re leave iSalon with a clean suppled hair!


I love how my hair feels after the treatment…! Light, clean, supple!


And knowing that I still have program, Susan was kind enough to plait up my fringe for a simple yet different look!20131130-151913.jpg

Again, good things are meant to be shared! Quote “temptedtolove” when you make your appointment or walk-in to iSalon!!! My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion items/services)!!

UPDATE ON 11 DEC 2013: Next day when I’m washing my hair, I can feel my hair texture was really different & had improved! When I finger-combed my hair (with water running through) before the treatment, all I can feel is tangled hair!! Now.. I think my comb will just slide off my hair! It has been more than 10 days after my treatment, my hair still feels good!! Now then I know hair treatment really does makes a difference to one’s hair! Going again? OF COURSE!!


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