The Face Shop Lemon Brightening Nail Pack!


It feels kinda weird to start with a picture of a used pack but it was after I use the pack then I realize this is a good stuff and I should share it with my readers who love nail treatment!

So here are my yellow nails! Photos are not edited in any ways.



Darkened cuticles.. Yellow nail tip.. Sign.. I need to take good care of my nails man.. But good thing i found this nail pack last friday when i went shopping with my girlfriend!

So opened the pack and start to slot in the little pocket to my nails! No sizes! If my fat fingers can go in, so can yours! By the way, if you are doing this by yourself, don’t be as stupid as me! LOL!! I actually open one side first thinking that it would be messy to open everything at one go. After I put on my nail pack I realize.. “HOW AM I GOING TO OPEN ANOTHER SIDE WITH MY NAIL PACK ON??” In the end I had to trouble my beau to open the other side for me so that I can put them on too… (sigh~) Don’t understand what am I thinking! SO remember to open up everything before your start. It won’t be messy, really!

20131104-233328.jpg 20131104-233335.jpg

I massage my cuticles (while watching TV) with this pack on hoping that it can be absorbed faster, better and more!


I forgot for how long should I leave it on but I left them on for about a good 20mins before the pack is almost dry then I just removed them.

Basically I’m pretty handicap with this pack on.. I can’t hold anything, I can’t change TV channel, I can’t rub my eye.. So if you do not want to be as handicap, I recommend that you find yourself a disposable plastic glove and put them on after you put on your nail pack! This way, the solution will not be everywhere you had touched and you can change TV channel!! hahaha!

Ok, I found the link which says you just need to put them on for 10-15 mins! I’ll share the link at the end of the post.


SEEE!!! My fingers look brightened and darkened cuticles are lightened after the treatment!! I’m so elated!! It’s a right choice of buying this mask pack! There are 2 other types of nail pack.. The paraffin nutrition & Milk Calcium!

You can read more from below:

1. Lemon Brightening

2. Paraffin Nutrition

3. Milk Calcium

Cost: S$4.90 per pack! Affordable and effective! Must buy?? OF COURSE!!! You just need to try once to know its good or bad!




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