Saw a pic that my cousin posted on instagram about throwing away her 99 stalks of roses because they were dried and worried that it may produce toxic. Then I recall that I should have a lil bouquet somewhere!!

“AH! Where’s my roses?”


Here they are..! Dry and still intact! Can you guess their “age”??


They’ve been with me since 14 Feb 2013! … That’s not very long huh?? LOL.. But still feel happy seeing my roses, dried roses..!

Another thing that still makes me happy is my perm! it has been almost 2 months and I’m still loving my perm.. Although there are days that I’m so lazy and didn’t want to do anything to my hair but I’m still glad I made a right choice to perm them! Or rather let iSalon perm them!


Sorry if you can’t really see the curls clearly! I have to agree that the photo quality isn’t very good!! I hope I can get a new camera phone for Xmas present from my SOMEONE SPECIAL~ ❤ *waiting*

20131029-224306.jpg 20131029-224319.jpg

In the pic, I didn’t really do much thing about my curls, I only applied styling cream from mid length onwards when I reached office (I’m not used to treating my hair with hair dryer every morning that’s why the journey to office is the time i used to air-dry my hair). It’s already end of the day so my curls definitely look lifeless (Even I’m tired after a hard day at work)! Though lifeless,, the curls are still quite visible and you know what? the curls made my feel proportionate!

With a more volumized hair, my head looks bigger and I no longer looks like some small head big build girl. LOL


Now you must be wondering what’s with me in the picture I shared above! Hahaha.. It’s just some photo editing app I found on iphone and they works like magic! hahaha! The app name is “Camera360” (icon: yellow background with a white mini instax lookalike)! It not only can smoothen your complexion, makes you look fairer, it can also gives you other photo editing effects! Now who needs so many app with different function? haha!

If you scroll back again and/or down (if your heart can take it), you will realise the first pic on the left is the “raw” pic! No editing done.. the extreme right is.. max editing! LOL.. in between are just some other variations..


1. Raw / 2. Smooth / 3. Fairer / 4. “Sweet” effect added

Now that you seen my RAW face.. you know why I always like photo editing!! BWAHAHA!! They’re every girl’s savior!


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