Tempted2love Featured!

Just wanna do a quick share! Tempted to Love is being featured!

Featured where?

Featured in Mei Mei’s Signature for my nail polish review!

Capture1 Capture2

Also featured in The Little Beauty Black Box Social Media Mentions page!

Capture4 Capture

Hopefully my review is really helpful to those who plans to get the items they’re looking for!

Also, this may not be something WOW enough, but I’m glad to see my nailart on Bellabox Instagram! *HAPPY*


These motivates me to keep on blogging (& improve my nail art)! So sad to see that I’m so far behind from the top vote! If you are kind enough, do give me a vote on Bellabox Facebook page! Here’s the link >>> https://www.facebook.com/BellaBoxSG/app_448952861833126

Click on “Vote” button to vote! ^___^


Let me know if the link is not working! Pls be patient when the app is loading, it will take some time! I don’t have much friends in my FB account thus can’t “earn” much votes! Looking at the TOP VOTE of 150++, I think my 17 votes is…………. TOO FAR TO CATCH UP!!

Anyway, contest ends 31st Oct (or was it 30th??) Appreciate all kind votes for my nail art!

Thanks in advance!!


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