LOVEMORE Promotion!

Irresistable is the only word that came outta my mind when i saw this offer at BHG Bishan!!! LOVEMORE mask are selling at 2 boxes for S$10!!!! Crazy sales, OF COURSE I bougtht them!!

You know, even on secretive website did not have such good price!!! Original price is S$11.90! Yes, you are not reading wrongly! It’s S$11.90 PER box! NOW, you’re getting 2 boxes and only at S$10!! WHY NOT?? (T_T so sad that i bought the snow fungus online already and been 2 weeks (??) I still have not rec’d my mask!!!)

So which one did I bought?



I’m not kidding right! even the price tag says “2FOR$10.00”!!


So here’s Black Pearls True White Mask!! I’ll skip the intro, most details can be found on the box!



Both mandarin & english version available for you to read..


And this is Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Mask! Just what i need this week! Antioxidant!20130921-002757.jpg


A few things that they made you buy with assurance is their packaging..


They printed “Natural Silk Sheet” on the box…


They show you the difference between normal mask and their mask! Just by the look, you know the mask will be super fit to your face! no worry that it will drop or maybe even some part not absorbing the essence..


Most importantly, the sticker for prove of originality! Buy at ease!!

So without further waiting, here’s my masking process….! I’m using the antioxidant mask first!! Like I said, I need to very much this week!


See the two protective sheet? This made opening the mask easier and less messy! Having 2 protective sheet like this reduced the chances of me tearing my mask when i open them up to leave on my face!!


So after you remove the white plastic sheet, you can put them on your face like what I did…….. BUT (read words in pic!)!



Yup, you still have to remove the blue sheet remember…? Remove them slowly so that you will pull off your silk mask…


And now…. rest for 15-20 minutes!

Something about this mask I find it good is that, you can barely see them! Thus won’t be too scary walking around.. At least, my dad didn’t realised that I’m masking when he talked to me.. LOL!

So what about it that I don’t like? Probably the amount of essence in each pack? I didn’t mean that I want to see overflowing essence but the essence in this mask is too .. erm.. feels like you’ll never have excess for neck massage… =X but nonetheless, it’s definitely sufficient for normal use!


See.. this is two protective sheet that we had removed earlier.. remember… ?

OH and… just a side note! Below is the LOVEMORE eye mask that I had won from Giveaway!


Call me CATWOMAN~ Meow~!

*sorry for the “very-natural-home-look”!!


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