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It’s the loooong awaited “TGIF”!! But this TGIF is slightly different…! Why?? Look at your calendar.. Today is Friday 13th! oh man.. But doesn’t matter it’s still a FRIDAY!! I SMELL WEEKEND!! Can go around showing off my new hair color done at iSalon!!!

Yup! I went to iSalon again!! This time I went to color my hair. I went with no idea of what I want. Totally leave it in Susan’s hand! Well.. I like it or not?? Read on to find out…..


My hair color mix… Have you guessed it(the color) already?

Like all other salon, Susan brought a color chart to me and we started to discuss about what color to be done on my perm.. As i don’t color my hair often, Susan suggest that we shall not do something too bright. Else it will look ugly when new hair grow before I color my hair again. To bring out the 层次感 (layering) of my curls, we added some highlight toooo!! Cooool, me like!! So the bowl of color mix you see above is actually my highlight color..

20130913-103035.jpg 20130913-103030.jpg

As it was a busy evening at iSalon, my highlight was done by a freelancer (Sorry i couldn’t recall her name!!) instead of Susan herself. I think I had a worried look on my face when it wasn’t Susan who attend to me. Why would I think so? Because Ben actually drop by to give me assurance that she’s an “OLD BIRD” (very experience stylist) so no worries that my hair will be too… you know…..  But actually, I’m not worried at all because I know at iSalon, I will be WELL TAKEN CARE of!! *thumbs up*

One thing that made me so touched when doing the highlight is that Susan actually noticed that I would usually clipped up my fringe and told the freelance stylist to highlight my fringe too! So that when i clipped them up again, there will be some “pattern” and not a boring one tone color! How thoughtful!!

20130913-103443.jpg 20130913-103416.jpg

Soon my highlight is done and will have to wait for my hair to “eat” the color before we proceed to color my hair! So while waiting I took a few pic of my bombastic hair!

About 15-20 mins later… *drumroll* Christina is here is help!!

Christina is one of the boss at iSalon.. In my previous post, I mentioned that iSalon is a partnership business but we have only been talking about Ben.. Read on and you will see Christina!!


Do you know is the above pic about!!? Christina’s has a very ULTRA TURBO FAST speed to the extend that all I can shoot while she’s coloring my hair is…… her moving hands (O__o)! Thus above picture! No words can describe how I feel when she started working on my hair.. I’m so amazed so amused so speechless! My eyes just couldn’t stop looking at her fast actions (& she look very stylo ya!)..

20130913-115915.jpg 20130913-115925.jpg

In just few minutes, Christina (Yes, she is Christina, the lady with white hair!) is done and all I need to do now is wait (again).


I must admit, I have pretty stubborn hair! I always need double the time of what people need to get hair done, i.e.: normally 20 minutes to get hair dyed but I need 40 minutes!

…….about 45 minutes later? I went to wash my hair.. Finally this is when I get to see Susan! She’s been busy with customers the whole evening (remember to make appointment if you have plans to visit iSalon to avoid long wait)!! As a “compensation”, she gave me a good solid head massage! It was GOOOD!! If we haven been chatting like long lost friend (LOL), I think I would have fall asleep with that head massage!!

By the time iSalon became quiet, it’s already past 10pm?? Past their closing time! Yes, we’re still in the salon, just finish washing our hair! hahahaha!! and.. Nope, they did not show a bit of rushing or unhappiness for having to stay so late! In fact, if it wasn’t because I felt sleepy and checked on my watch, I wouldn’t have realized it had past 10pm!! Because we were all happily chatting away…

20130913-102946.jpg 20130913-102942.jpg 20130913-102938.jpg 20130913-102934.jpg

Quick tips: girls with perm, twirl your hair like how Susan did when you blow dry your hair. By doing so the curl will be more prominent! Even if you don’t have a hair dryer, twirl them and leave them as it is until they are air-dry then use your finger to make loose them for a beautiful curl!)

So ta-daaaaa~~ my new hair color… I was told by Benson that my color is ash color (darker kinda ash) but no matter how I see, I still think this is brown! >_< Indeed I’m not a professional! LOL!

20130913-102925.jpg 20130913-102920.jpg

Professional or not, I just love my new color! It looks GREAT!! Especially great on my curls!! Even now when I’m writing this post, I just could stop looking into the mirror in front of me to admire the hair color…!

If you are thinking for adding some colors to your hair but don’t know what color suits you, call iSalon for an appointment and let them give you some advise! Trust me, you won’t regret for letting them take charge of your hair!!! Remember to quote “temptedtolove” when you make you appointment/walk-in. My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!

NOTE: It’s advisable to make an appointment before heading down to iSalon so as to avoid having to wait very long).

Feel free to check out my digital perm experience at iSalon HERE and some 1st day selfies HERE (day 2-3 selfies is in the post itself)!

Sponsored by: iSalon

Location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-93/94, Singapore 228213

Contact: +65 6735 7308

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon-Fri), 11am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)


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