Hair Color at iSalon 番外篇: Friend’s Color!

Have you read my post on my hair color experience at iSalon? If you haven’t, I think you should because I had a great time there!! Just click HERE! Following up on my earlier post, here’s one on my friend, Ashley! We went to iSalon together to dye our hair so that we get to be pretty pretty for our photo shoot coming Saturday!


Basically she already have an idea of what she wants! But after discussing with Susan, she ended up with a different style.. But again, because Susan was busy, Benson came and attend to her and further discussed about what Susan had for her.. I don’t know the exact discussion between them but seems like Ben is able to achieve what Ashley wanted initially and had proceed with it. Look at Ashley (above pic).. so concentrating on choosing the hair color!


Can you guess her color?


Ashley is a little camera shy TODAY (only today)! So most of her image will be.. ehem.. You’ll see.. hahaha..


What you see here is Ben doing her highlight.. What a BIG highlight you must be thinking.. but this is what Ashley wanted (later you’ll see the result)..


After her highlight, Ben continued with her hair color..

20130913-102843.jpg 20130913-102847.jpg

Lucky for her.. Ben took care of her everything! From highlight to color to cut! Director’s cut okay!!

When everything is done, the result is close to what she wanted.. Why I said close? Because due to work environment constraint, Ashley can’t have too striking colors.. so end up the contract between red and (I don’t know what color she chose..) copper (?) isn’t that obvious..


Overall, Ashley like her new hair color and cut! The only regret is probably she should have took a brighter red.. LOL!!


FYI, her fringe looks lighter now.. Having said so much, let me show you the snapshot of what Ashley wanted and showed Ben..

20130913-154617.jpg 20130913-154621.jpg

See those red highlight? Like “can see cannot see” kinda feel??

Here’s Ashley version!

20130913-154644.jpg 20130913-154655.jpg

You can still see red color somewhere hiding.. But not as much as the snapshot. Probably next time she can try a brighter red to achieve the look of the snapshot!! Not forgetting, she quoted “temptedtolove” and got 10% off her bill!!

If you are thinking for adding some colors to your hair but don’t know what color suits you, call iSalon for an appointment and let them give you some advise! Trust me, you won’t regret for letting them take charge of your hair!!! Remember to quote “temptedtolove” when you make you appointment/walk-in. My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!

NOTE: It’s advisable to make an appointment before heading down to iSalon so as to avoid having to wait very long).

Feel free to check out my digital perm experience at iSalon HERE and some 1st day selfies HERE (day 2-3 selfies is in the post itself)!

Sponsored by: iSalon

Location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-93/94, Singapore 228213

Contact: +65 6735 7308

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon-Fri), 11am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)


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