Your Beauty Asset!

Face is my most important asset!! Not that I have a pretty face but because I don’t have a pretty, all the more I have to take good care of my bubble fortunate chubby looking face! >_<

Everyone have different way of taking care of their face. But I prefer to stick to the common way! The 5-Steps way.. Wash-Tone-Essence-Moisturizer-Sunblock (sometimes i replace sunblock with BB Cream – nowadays BB cream often comes with high SPF)! Nothing too complicated because I’m always “lost” between time! Probably after a week, I’ll forget about applying eye cream.. another week maybe I’ll forget about acne cream~

BUT again!! If you are determine to do it the proper way, below is a guide for you (photo grabbed from samplestore FB)!!


Okay, face.. our topic is still about FACE. What can you not accept to be found on your face!? For me, it’s definitely FRECKLES! But seems like I’ll just have to live with it as I’m to prone to it! Another thing would be pimples/acne/zits!! Arrgg.. They’re pain in the a**! Imagine you’re going on a date tomorrow and the night before they came to say HELLO!! Irritating it can be but it’s also a sign (about your health) that your body is trying to tell you..

Below are some tips i grabbed from FB too! Hope you’ll find it useful!!




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