My Afternoon at iSalon

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Hi Readers!! I’m so ELATED & EXCITED & ECSTATIC share a good news with you!! has got its first sponsorship! Thanks to iSalon, I can now have pretty pretty hair to go to work, go for dates & even attend events! Frizzy hair monster no more! I was just tooo lazy to maintain my previous perm and it went wild on me!! *ROAR* hahahaha!!


A little background on iSalon.. It’s located at Far East Plaza #04-93/94, open in October 2012. Who’s the boss?? Benson & Christina – Yes, it’s a partnership! Just few days back I had email Benson a few questions and I though it will be nice to share with you so that you can learn more about them! Know them, Love them!

<<Q&A Time>>

Q: What inspired you to start iSalon? How did the name “iSalon” came about?

A: Being in the hair trade for slightly more than 10 years, it came to me that I would want a place to call my own. I had a hard time deciding what name to brand ourselves. At that point of time when I look around, there bound to have these techie thing lurking around – iPhone, iPad, iTouch….. And I tell myself if it’s so in to have such gadgets, isn’t it cool if we label ourselves iSalon then?

Q: What is the most enjoyable part about your current job? Tell me what you think the biggest challenge in a hairdressing career is?

A: Customer’s satisfaction is the answer to your questions. Satisfaction in term of result, pricing and services. I’m a very practical person, nothing too fanciful, might be a bit boring at times. Many a times when I brain search myself, “what can we provide our customers?”. It was then I realized it’s not what we can give them but what the customers want and expect of us. I know it hard but iSalon will try.

Q: Last but not least, some old school question! What’s the mission of iSalon?

A: Salon’s mission, old school, lol, but I really don’t have one. The bottom line is, I wish everyone is happy to be in iSalon regardless it’s the one sitting down having hair done or the one standing behind the hairdressing chair getting someone hair done.

Looks like satisfaction & happiness is their goal for every customer who steps in! With this passion that they hold, I strongly believe you will walk out of the salon feeling satisfied & happy with you new hair style! & maybe like me, proud of it tooo!

<some content moved HERE>

So who’s my stylist today? She’s Susan! You’ll see her in the next few pic.. Susan is the Senior Hairstylist of iSalon! She’s been in this line for about 6 years! For sure I’ll feel safe with her! Upon seeing my style/hair/look, she recommended me to do a digital perm because it can make my face looks SMALLER – ROFL! She sure knows how to tackle my weakness in a tactful way…!!!

Before I did my first perm, I always have many questions running in my head.. “Why so many kinda perm? What is Digital Perm? What is Ceramic Perm? Why still got hot perm cold perm korean perm japanese perm O_o!!?? There are so many perm out there, how do i know which one suits me? Will i turn out aunty?!!?” blah blah blah!!

Well… BE GLAD you are here reading my blog!! Because I have the answer to “all-these-were-once-my-questions” questions!!

Digital perm a.k.a. hot perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display, hence the name. A digital perm requires a solution plus heat. (FYI, it’s pretty heavy when all the rods are on your head! Bear with the weight and you’ll have a beautiful curl later!!) The curls are more prominent when your hair is dry. If I’m not wrong japanese/korean perm are just a different term of digital perm that different salon uses.

Digital perm is the one for you IF you are looking for a perm that’s more lasting, more bouncy, less frizzy (more gentle on hair, less dry as compare to ceramic perm), less maintenance (all you need to do is just apply your styling cream, twirl your hair (air dry) and you are good to go)!

Digital perm2 Digital Perm1

(imagine found on google site)

Ceramic perm a.k.a. cold perm is a perm that uses chemicals to break and reform the bonds of the hair. The hair is washed and wrapped on a perm rod and waving lotion is applied with a base. No heat involves! The curls are more prominent when your hair is wet.

Ceramic perm is the one for you IF you want something less prominent or not so lasting (short term perhaps?), allow you to experience different hair style (you have to style your hair/blow dry them every time you’re done washing your hair. Else the curl will be very lifeless.), a bombastic curl till your hair root (digital perm is not suitable for a “whole head curl” because it can’t be used too near to your scalp! HOT la!)!

ceramic perm2 ceremic perm1

(imagine found on google site)

How not to achieve aunty curls?? this really depends on your stylist SKILL!! IMO, if you dun perm your whole head (including fringe) you won’t look like aunty!! Ask for big to medium curls. small curls makes you older! THANKFULLY I have a young stylist thus I know my perm won’t be a nightmare no matter what!


(imagine found on google site)

So finally I’m gonna bring you through my digital perm process!!!

20130827-230201.jpg 20130827-223341.jpg20130827-223346.jpg 20130827-223354.jpg

So basically, after a hair wash, Susan started what she needs to do to perm my hair! Apply the solution & ROLL ’em up!! Very quickly and tight! By the time she’s done with all the rolling………

.20130827-223400.jpg 20130827-223405.jpg

I can feel the weight already!! AND THEN! Here comes the killer! All the roller are getting plugged to the heater! Even heavier now! I was still joking with Susan “I think my neck will be shorter by 2cm by the time I’m done with my perm!!”


But oh well… beauty has a price to pay!!! & you know what, it’s the first time I see digital perm done without that big tall machine! Their digital perm machine are quite compact (as compare to those traditional type) I’ll show you how it looks like the next time i visit them!!

So after 20 minutes………?? maybe additional 10mins (because the solution hasn’t dry) of heating my hair, Susan came back to remove these roller and TA-DAAA!! Btw, I have stubborn hair thus it always takes longer to get my hair done! I need patience but my stylist needs even more patience! Because she’s the one doing the work while I just sit on the chair and enjoy whatever I’m doing. LOL..



…………………OF COURSE NOT!!

Susan have to apply another solution to “stabilize” the curl! This takes about another.. say 10 mins?? This was pretty easy!! I feel much lighter while waiting for this to be done.

20130827-223458.jpg 20130827-230213.jpg

See! She’s applying the solution on my hair now..

20130827-223448.jpg 20130827-223514.jpg

Through out the process of my digital perm, Susan was very friendly and chatty! You will not feel those awkwardness when your stylist is not talking and u don’t know where to look! One of the thing I like about their (Susan’s) service is that, they’ll always check back on you even when they are attending to other customer. Your stylist is always with you the moment you step in! Unlike other (maybe “branded” one?) salon, they have a 洗头妹 (shampoo girl?) and your stylist will only come to you when it’s time for them to cut your hair. -__-|| Other “chores” are done by assistance! Shampoo by Staff A.. Blow dry by Staff B.. You know what I mean?

2nd Sept 2013 ADD ON : Something I forgot to mention! I was so speechless (gratefully speechless) when Susan did something to my sideburns. I have very messy sideburns! So apparently, after the “stabilizer” was done, we went on the wash my head again. While washing off the solution, Susan said she want to straighten my sideburns. I was like.. “HUH?? Now?” The next thing I know, she’s already treating my sideburns with the straightening solution. Just a few pulls & rubs, less than 5 mins each side, and I’ve got neater sideburns now! Totally TAMED! WAHAHAHA!! That’s definitely a value-add!! I didn’t expect they would actually notice my messy sideburns and even do something to it!! Touched!! Very Touched!! (T_T)

This is what people always say “It’s the little thoughts that counts!”


Susan here drying my hair for me using a diffuser. IT’S SO LOUD!! >_<


& TA-DAAAAA~ My perm done! So mad happy with it!! My mom loves my perm. My colleague loves my perm. My girlfriends loves my perm. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I LOVE MY PERM!! I think Susan really did a great job! Kudos!!


Top pic: ME!, Susan(Senior Stylist), Kylie (Receptionist) & Benson (Boss)

Tempted to get your hair permed already – or even change a new hairstyle!?? Call iSalon (+65 6735 7308 or 09) to make your appointment NOW! Mai tu liao (hokkien: delay no more)!

Just before I forget, remember to quote “temptedtolove” when you make you appointment or walk-in!!! My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!

Did I mention? At iSalon, they uses Shiseido Professional products! From shampoo to hair dye to treatment.. That is why you will see Shisedo everywhere in my pic! They are also selling Shiseido Professional products in-store too!

Wana see more pic of my perm!? Hahaha… Click HERE and HERE!!

Sponsored by: iSalon

Location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-93/94, Singapore 228213

Contact: +65 6735 7308

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon-Fri), 11am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

Again i wanna remind you……… Don’t forget to quote “temptedtolove” when you make you appointment/walk-in!!! My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!


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