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GOOD DAY Everyone..! I’m proud to presents,again, my second sponsored review by Vita Green! *clapped* Yes, second one!!

Today, I will be sharing with you a herbal hair supplement that was sold out for 2 months upon launch in Hong Kong (Now they are in Singapore!! Hurray!!!!)! This supplement will improves blood circulation and nutrient supply to the hair follicles, regulates hormones and strengthens the kidneys to restore colour and thickness to thin hair. This supplement helps to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, darken the hair.

Is that already a WOW for u?? No? Try asking your mom/dad to read my post – my mom went crazy when I looked for her to try this supplement!! She is facing every problem that this supplement promised to “solved”

Problems like:

  • White/grey hair
  • Hair lost
  • Hair thinning
  • MENOPAUSE! (not that this supplement will cure this but… read on.. LOL check out the second news article)

*DRUMROLL* Here it is!! Proudly presents… VITA HAIR!!


I was surprise that they are giving 3 bottles to blogger for review.. Each bottle cost HK$409! 3 bottle easily cost HK$1200 (approximately S$200++) But i believe if you are buying locally, it will cost more (you know import tax, good & services tax.. blah blah blah)!


Every bottle are safely sealed. External & internally! “Freshness guaranteed”!


Before i go into details of my mom’s feedback, here’s a video to give u a better understanding of the product.. 🙂 (btw, video is in cantonese! Sorry i cant find any english version!)

Spokesperson for Vita Hair: Lawrence Ng 吴启华 (2003-2004), Dayo Wong 黄子华 (2005-2006) & Sammy Leung 森美 (2007-Now)

Spokesperson for other Vita Green products: Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 (2011-Now), Teresa Mo 毛舜筠 (2010-Now).

Below are some articles for your easy reference! BTW, the guy in the article is Sammy Leung!



Now you know why I listed “menopause”? Menopause is part of why we suffer from hair loss/grey hair! Vita Hair can help maintain hormonal balance! Hence say goodbye to menopause (I hope – because result may varies) !

Every box, there will be this application form for you to join as member and also another little booklet with all VITA GREEN product! (They have a lot!)


See.. the internal safety seal…


The capsules are not those fanciful/colorful kind.. BUT who cares!? We only want the effect!! Each bottle have 90 capsules, which will last you 30 days! One day 3 capsules…… hmmm… Now I have a question in my mind.. Should I eat them before or after food? Should I take them like 1 capsule 3 times or 3 capsules 1 time?? Ok, that’s 2 question! So my conclusion is.. it doesn’t matter as long as you get to eat 3 capsules daily.

20130818-002444.jpg 20130818-002451.jpg

My mom started taking this herbal hair supplement on 7th August! She just dyed her hair few days back thus NOT much grey hair captured! But from what i see (& pic snapped), her grey hair are growing and she sure have serious hair thinning problems! My eyes are not super scope to see if her hair follicles (hair pores) are healthy or not but since she have hair thinning problem i believe her hair follicles doesn’t have 3 strains of hair each.. A healthy hair/scalp have 3 strain of hairs in a follicles. If you have read my blog, you will know that each hair have 25 hair cycles and a life span of 3-6 years for each hair! You can read more HERE about the life of your HAIR! haha..

So back to where we stop.. Below is my mom’s hair condition and some feedback from my mom since the day she start her supplement…

First day hair condition:


Saw her grey hair!? Visible ya…? Sorry for the not so good quality pic! My mom just cant stay still for me to take a pic.. To the extend i have to HOLD her head! Hahahahah… Hyper mom..

3 Days later (10 Aug Sat): “hmm.. ok leh.. nothing special la”..

I guess it was too soon to determine anything yet..

7 Days later (14 Aug Wed): “Audrey! Audrey! I want to tell you.. i think my hair lost has reduced significantly! After my shower, i don’t see chunk of hairs at the floor trap already.. Also, when i finger-comb my hair, lesser hair breakage!”


Well, that’s good news to me (& her of course) Vita Hair supplement is working for my mom.. Although we cant “see” if the liver/kidney is any better but… we are still monitoring the condition..

14 Days later (21 Aug Wed): “Audrey! Audrey! See my cheek!! I think my pigmentation has lessen!! Was it suppose to help to lighten pigmentation?? Also my hair feels softer and I think my white hair grows slower now! Hair thinning area seems to have more hair leh!!

IMG_5534 IMG_5535

See, don’t you feel her hair looks softer now? Probably the lighting plays a part but i believe my sense of TOUCH! My mom now have softer hair! One thing i feel pretty WoW is that I didn’t expect her pigmentation will lighten!! Mom did not use any new product recently nor changed her diet!


Mommy camera shy.. tee hee!! Just wana show you that her pigmentation has lighten quite a fair bit! Let me go dig out her old photos when i have the chance to show u her pigmentation!

Well seems like this is a pretty promising product! No side effect noticed so far too.. Will I buy again? Since it so good, why not? Glad that they had approached me for this review else, i won’t know this exist. & seriously, by looking at the packaging i don’t think it will catch my attention too.. =X

Now you know, grab yours today from Watson’s & Guardian Pharmacy!!

You can check out their FB HERE too! For Vita Yin Yang review, click HERE!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample Store | Vita Green


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  3. The ones sold in Singapore are not the new formula as shown in the picture. And each box of 90 tablets cost $89.00 here . I asked a friend to get it for me from HKG. He bought the twin-pack new formula tablets for only $140 for two boxes..

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