Strawberries anyone!??

Ready for some strawberries love??? If you do a youtube search you can easily find many tutorial on strawberries nail art.. I didn’t exactly follow a particular video for this case.. So read on if you dare!! It’s gonna be a messy strawberry! hahahaha!!!


I chose Megan Miller’s Roja as the strawberry color and Bourjois’s Vert Chlorophylle.. Color looks ok but i probably shouldn’t use dotting tool to dot the greeny part.. Hopefully a top coat later will makes it better..


I used a regular white polish to dot the strawberry spots.. can you see something different from below pic??



Look again…


I used silver caviar beads on my middle finger instead of white polish! I thought it looks cool.. but it turns out.. weird.. hahahahaha!!!


My boyfriend asked me what’s the different for (as in why do i have to make it look different?) For the effect of course.. 3D effect! Apparently, my 3D failed and the strawberry looks totally WEIRD! Guess my nails were too long for strawberries!


Nonetheless, it’s still a good try!! hahahaa!



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