Marbling my Nails! Yey-hooo!

After my bad nail day, today seems pretty alright~! Alright not because it’s a smooth day but because I managed to do something out of the worst… LOL!

Today i used a hot pink from OPI (You’re A Pisa Work).. I didn’t expect to fall so deeply in love with this color – probably it came at the right time! I was actually looking for a color that will goes well with black but i don’t want something too dark. What color goes well with black? LOTS! Red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple… but i don’t want something too bright/striking at the same time.. (how contradicting, i know…) I think pink is good.. Not to strong yet very can bring out the lady in you! hahaha..

Now my problem is…. after looking through my stash… i don’t have the right pink that my mind has been thinking… It was all either too pastel or too red or contain shimmer.. 😦 Then i recall.. “I have a pressie that i had not use!!” and (ta-daaa!) I pull out my HOT PINK from my other drawer and what u see below is my PISA WORK! LOL! You’re A Pisa Work is a great purplish-hot pink! It’s opaque and strong and it’s PINK! yeahhh.. Best of all, it goes well with black! Okay, enough of color choosing!! It’s time for water marbling!!!!

I always hesitate to do water marble effect because it’s gonna be very messy and INDEED it is messy! (At the end of the post, i will share with you a youtube post where i get my inspiration from)


Seee!! But it’s OK(!) because i had recently bought my OPI nail lacquer remover! It’s so powerful then a gentle wipe can clean up most of my mess already!! Value for money indeed!!






Now all clean and cool!

On the other hand… (impromptu) I did another color! instead of black, I used white! Using the same method, did my water marble again!






Doing water marble effect is easy but the only thing is that u can’t really control where it is going “break open”.. Effect is really random and not uniform. But again, maybe that’s the beauty of it..

So which one do you prefer? Black or white? (i personally prefer the black one~ ^__^)      IMG_4320

So here’s the video that got me inspired to do this…

(go to 0:54 to see how to achieve the stone marble effect)

Obviously my marble is much fatter than what cutepolish did but I STILL LOVE ‘EM!!! ❤ ❤


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