Nah.. Bad nail day!

Bad nail day didn’t just come suddenly.. It’s bad from the first stroke down! So bad that I decided to just go with nail film. I bought this nail film more than 6 months ago (oops!) even nail film can go so bad on a bad nail day – I’ll tell u why shortly!

This nail film is really easy to use! The only thing I have to keep remind myself is… “Be gentle~ Be gentle~” I tore the film few time and I got panic!!! BUT! Before I could feel devastated, I recall I might have something to save it!! My A-England’s Bridal Veil!

See… U can’t even tell where I applied my Bridal Veil right??? Hahahaa!

After a top coat, it looks perfect! I feel like I’m gg some prom night or D&D after I put on this nail film.. What do u think?? Nice?

Now u know what..? This beauty didn’t last a day! After one night sleep and some simple house chores, the film starts to peel and it become SO ugly that I had to remove them! Boo-hoo… 😥

Before I did this nail film, I did a… erm.. flora nail art? Not really did (draw) but only applies my base color and slam on my nail sticker! (My nail sticker became a MESS!)

Again this nail sticker is pretty old! Almost a year I guess.. I don’t really like this nail sticker.. It’s too thick to fit my nails nicely.. the edge gets crumpled because it couldn’t “curve”…

Best part?!! It gets crumpled all together when I applied my seche top coat!!!! What on earth just happen?

Just when I thougt everything is good, something sure messed it up.. Bad nail day indeed!


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