Mask mask mask!

Good evening all!

Today is a very tiring day! Why? Because I had my team building today! It was fun seeing how the team play! Anyway, today’s post is not about my team building but…. *drumroll* my amazing mask!!!

This mask is from Go60! I get to know about this mask through Vanity Trove! You can see my previous post HERE. Sorry that the brand ink had been washed off like this.. because my mini fridge is flooded with water and this baby was partially soaking in it.. 😦

This is the amount of serum that is still available after I put on my mask! The mask is soaked thoroughly in the serum! Although u can’t see how good is this serum but.. Trust me(!), this mask is no kidding!


(excuse my very messy hair!)

Look at the serum that keep flowing dw my neck! Ok, maybe it’s not very clear but trying looking at the light reflection! It’s the serum.. Keep wiping it off but keep flowing down! (At the end of my masking session, my crew neck collar is soaked with serum too! Hahah!)

Another thing i like about this mask (other than the generous amount of serum) is the BIG sheet mask! This mask has a “neck section” for you to pamper your neck too! I have very thick broad neck so if u have slimmer neck, I think this mask can easily cover your whole neck!

If u ask me, I think I will go get this mask if I happen to come across it! Although 5 for $60 is a bit pricey but I think it’s pretty work it!!! good beauty investment!

Next up! Eye mask!!! Eye mask from Mr Morita! 20130723-212048.jpg

My first time using Dr. Morita’s mask and I’m quite satisfied with it. A pack of mask like this packed with generous amount of serum!!20130722-171423.jpg

See!! The serum is rolling down my cheek! After 15 min, I remove my mask & my eyes feel less tired and less puffy!20130723-212109.jpg

Well, comparing this two mask, I think I will definitely want to buy Go60 mask!! Tho the high price but the after effect is amazing!!

PS: pls pardon my seriously messy hair! I was home having some me-time and randomly decided to do a post like this. That’s why i ain’t prepared!! No time to doll up myself.. hahahaha!


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