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Waking up early for my hair spa! But my watch seem to have trouble waking up!!! Look at him!!!


Little Tommy’s “4” has dropped!!! No more 4pm for tommy! naughty tommy..

Appointment at 10:30am tdy and I arrive slightly late! (Oops!) first impression of seeing TK Trichokare is.. “Ok, not too bad.. At least doesn’t look like a messy place”
After my registration, I was brought to a consultation room. My consultant for today is Joelle! A very friendly lady.. Btw, did I mention how I got a chance to try this scalp treatment?? I participate some contest in Women’s Weekly and so called won this chance to come here to try this scalp treatment. But the weird thing is, in their record it actually reflect as cold call sales? And this treatment is not complimentary, it’s at a promo price of $19.99!

And what do we do next after some talking?


SCAN! Scan ur scalp! Lol! Now u see… (or rather I see..) Even when there’s no dandruff on ur shoulder doesn’t means that u have no dandruff! Dandruff is actually you scalp’s dead skin. It will usually drop/wash off when u wash or comb ur hair..

You can see that I have pretty bad scalp issue..! I was shock too! I washed my hair twice a day but still faced dandruff problem! Thru the scan I also see that I have hair thinning problem around my fringe parting area.

Joelle also taught me some “hair knowledge”.. You know, each hair pore should actually have 3 strand of hair growing, this is normal. If u have any less could means you hair hair loss or hair thinning problem.

Not only that, each hair has a lift span of 3-6 years and have 25 life cycle. Meaning it can only “drop and grow” 25 times. So in normal case, a person should only have hair thinning problem when they reach 75.. How do I get that figure?? (Now here’s the mathematics part) Lets take it that each hair has 3 years life span. 3 tears multiply by 25 (life cycle) and it gives u 75! You should only have hair problem at age 75!! If you’re having hair problem now, means that your hair life span is short! As short as 2 weeks is possible! Can u imagine 2 weeks life span!!!? 2 weeks multiply by 25! That gives u 50 weeks! Every 50 weeks equals to lost of one hair permanently!! Scary!!!

Although I have hair thinning problem now, fortunately it’s only a small part! The back of my head still has 3 strands of hair per pore.. Thus it’s advisable to start maintenance now..

So what will the $19.99 treatment includes?
– basic (quick) hair mask
– shampoo/conditioning
– hair lotion (light massage for lotion to be absorb)
– IFR (Infrared)

Joelle explain that it is advisable to add on the detox treatment (1st step to boost hair growth) which will include a “I-forgot-what” hair mask before your shampooing and hair lotion will be replaced to hair serum. On top of that, they will throw in a marine massage after you serum. This treatment will sort of deep cleanse your scalp and made it more healthy! It’s like facial u know? “Extract” clogged pore so that nutrients can be absorbed!

Ok, now you’re curious how much it is? For this detox treatment we only need to pay for the mask to enjoy all the above.. & the mask cost……. $179! But! New customer will get a 1st trial discount of -50%!! Still it’s out of my budget so I decided to stick to my $19.99 treatment! 😦

Done with the talking, I’m lead to a seat to start my treatment! And this big thing catch my attention! Joelle ltr explain that this is the IFR they will use ltr..

And true enough.. Hahaha! I din take pic of what they did to my hair cuz I’m enjoying the whole process.. It’s until the IFR time than I get to do some self shot! Hahaha!



So after the treatment, we did the scan again! See! Clean scalp!


Top left pic is the “before” and the rest is “after”…

Joelle also tried to sell their package to me which I think it’s pretty worth it and indeed tempting!! $499 for 5 times detox hair treatment! But but… Some hiccups with their machine ended up I din get to buy the package and left… 😦


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