Rose Sap Patch

Remember I posted on my lavender foot patch previously? Today I’m gona share with u my rose sap patch experience!



Steps are still the same so I’m not going details into that.. You can read from my previous post HERE, there will be link within that post to another foot patch post!)


Day 1: Rose Sap Patch
Everything is good, nice scent nice good sleep! Patch became brown!



Day 2: Lavender Patch
Sleep even better! I think lavender’s is really good in aiding one to zzzz!!


Day 3: Lavender Patch
Still feeling the same. Feeling the same means not any better. But at least I still slp well! I also notice that lavender patch seems to ‘release’ more moisture the next day – as compared to rose sap patch. See my last pic above, my foot is wet when I peel off my patch. It’s not water (perspiration) btw.. It’s kinda sticky residue??! I don’t know..

Now you see why I say it’s good to have prepare tissue by you side in my previous post?

Day 4: Rose Sap Patch
Day 5: Lavender patch
One more I notice aft the 5th day… Lavender patch seems to have this purple spots appearing when I peel of the next day.. Is that proof of lavender?? Haha!

I will get more of this patch again when they are having sales!!! It a ‘high investment’ to buy it at regular price!! LOLX!


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