Singapore Womens’ Weekly – Dove Photo Shoot

This is totally unexpected! Got a call from Dove (Unilevel) inviting me down for a photo shoot! Why?? Because my testimonial for Dove Deo was selected to be publish in Singapore Women’s Weekly September issue!!!! Yeah~!! You can read the testimonial HERE.



My first magazine shoot! Other than feeling excited it’s still excited! Excited from head to toe!! hahaha! It’s a really good experience and i’m glad i came! A very jovial makeup artist (guy on the left of pic), a very professional hair stylist (guy with specs on the right), very cool photographer & a very friendly team!

group shot

After the shoot, we are all given a set of Dove hamper! *peek*


This is crazy! FULL SIZE of everything! Shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, shower gel, deodorant spray & deodorant roll-on!! Cool right!? Thanks Dove!!


Before i end this post, i just wana say.. I’m definitely loving this makeup!! It has totally cover my freckles!!!!!!!! Totally!! see.. no need any app to edit complexion!!


By all means call me a vain pot! a BIG vain pot!! mwahahaha! But i’m falling in love with myself once more and even more!

IMG_3801 IMG_3777 IMG_3783

Remember to buy a copy of Singapore Women’s Weekly September issue to catch more Dove updates!!! I’m looking forward Sept issue now!!


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