My Good Night Sleep!

Goodness… This is a long lost post! This post was created in Nov 2012 but only now then i remember I had a draft that is not published yet!!

So! What is so exciting here that i’m sharing today?? Hahaha! It’s a detox foot patch by The Essence of Nature! No! it’s not Kinohimitsu! It’s The Essence of Nature…! Same?? i don’t think so! I kinda like this better.. Why? Because this foot detox patch does not have those strong herb smell, What it has is only soothing lavender scent that helps you (for this case is me) to relax and went to lalaland almost immediately!

The Essence of Nature is a Korean traditional paper sap patch made of healthy natural substances such as wood vinegar, tourmaline, chitosan, pearl stones, highly purified silica, starch etc.

By reversing the energy that trees use to draw moisture up from the ground, the sap patch is capable of drawing unnecessary water matters from the body by applying the sap patch to the soles of the feetIt is unavoidable for human beings to have their bodily waste accumulated in their feet, which provide the main support for the body. This is easily observable through daily experiences like stained socks at night and swollen feet when one gets tired.

Accumulated wastes in the body can lead to dropsical legs, fatigue, and even disharmony in the body when metabolic process does not function properly. The soles of the feet, where acupuncture points are concentrated, are a reflection of all parts of the human body. They have a great influence on blood circulation, and, as such, are referred as the “second heart”.

Toxic matters are often stagnated in the feet, which makes the soles of the feet the best areas for application of the sap patch to experience its beneficial effects.

This pair i got here is from my October Vanity Trove box! The retails price for a box of foot patch cost S$29.90 and there are 7 pairs in a box! If you ask me, I will say they’re not cheap! But at least it comes in ‘small’ pack thus u need not purchase 30 pairs (1 month supply) at one go! That will cost at least a hundred bucks! Economical pack for girls who are always on budget like me!

You can read up from my previous post HERE to see what other stuff I’ve got in my October Vanity Trove..

So after u remove all the plastic wrapper this is what u will have! The big ‘plaster’ and your detox patch! (Now my room is flooded with lavendar fragrance!!)

After u have adhere the patch nicely on the plaster, slam it on ur feet!

Now that’s what I call HAPPY FEET! Hahahah… The next morning i woke up, the lavender scent is almost gone. But when I remove the patch, the scent escaped a little (& u can smell a hint of lavender)! Haha! From below pic u can see how detoxifying it is.. The ‘powder’ in the patch has turned moist and brown and… EEEW!

After removing the plaster, your feet feels a little sticky but it ok juz prepare a bedroom slipper by your bed and you won’t leave foot prints around your house!

No bedroom slipper? It’s ok la!! Standby a few pics of tissue by ur bedside and when u remove the patch next morning, just use the tissue to wipe your feet clean!

Update: Rose Sap Patch review!


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