My NEW eyeliner!

My new eyeliner from Maybelline!! Hurray!! Why this eyeliner? Because I’m so obsess with GEL liner these days! In additional, this is a pen type which i believe it will be much easier to use than those in pots (& needs a brush).

It was the ad in Watson’s that caught my attention! Waterproof… WOW! Gel… WOW! Pen.. WOW! It’s everything i wanted all in one~! (BTW, im currently using KATE’s gel pencil, it’s good but tends to smudge a bit towards the end of the day.)


So this is my gel pen! i did something so stupid when I’m trying to remove the cap! Instead of turn open, i keep trying to pull open! nearly break open the cap! ROFL! All i need to do is just twist and pull out the cap, nothing too difficult (don’t understand what am i struggling with earlier! duh!!)


After it is open, you will see a stopper stuffed in the “mouth” of the eyeliner.. I believe this is to prevent leakage?


The grey pointed tip is pretty flexible.. Bend here bend there, no problem! LOL.. It took me some time to get the gel out… I’ve been turning & turning & turning the end of the pen but the gel doesn’t seems to flow out.2

Until i get more impatient i do a few “big” turn and finally i see my gel~


I think i need more practice to get the hang of this new eyeliner as it is kinda like “you-cant-make-mistake” type of eyeliner. Not sure if this gel liner has only one color but seems like it to me. I love this gel color. blackest black! Its really waterproof and less messy (as compare to pot).

I put on this gel liner yesterday and i’m quite happy with it! Why? Because i do not need to wipe away those smudge gel as time goes by.. It stayed (very) black whole day and made me look so alert! hahaha.. & trust me when i say waterproof because i cant remove my eyeliner with Bioderm makeup remover! i had to use a waterproof eye makeup remover to remover them. With my waterproof eye makeup remover, removing this gel liner is no sweat! You can see here for my review on the eye makeup remover.

Overall, i think i will buy this again when i finish using mine and hopefully by then i had already get a hang of it already!

I found another blog post which had a more precised review. You can read more from HERE!

If you are looking for a good eye makeup remover, check out what I’ve got in my July’s Trove HERE and you might love what I’m loving now!


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