Etude House Silk Scarf

Do you know what has happen to me early this week (which is Monday!) It’s so not like me until i thought its Friday 13th! I forgot to bring my staff pass to work – stand outside the door for a while until someone who happen to go to the restroom and open the door for me! I forgot to bring my work station cabinet key – i cant get my note book to refer to pending jobs! I forgot to bring sweater – the office is as cold as a fridge! I forgot to bring the River Safari photo – to scan & to give my sis! I forgot to bring Colgate Plax – to return my sis (her kids left them in my bathroom)! that’s not worst….

My wordpress decided to go on strike.. The whole layout was so wrong that i dono what to do with it!! My side bar went all the way to bottom.. my “Older Post” link went in between the post and the alignment of the last few post is all out – one word, MESS! I get my bud to help and she too is clueless.. we tried ways and means but still.. nth is right!

Finally today, i think my blog is in a good mood, everything went back to normal! My apologies to subscribers who has been receiving email notification about me posting new post! Argggg.. it’s so outta control!

As for now, this post is for real!! A post about Etude House Hair Mask! Bought this mask from qoo10 when they’re having 1 for 1 promo! Man why not!?



There is picture illustration for your reference.. It’s ok if you don’t understand Korean because there is English instruction for you! Even without instruction i think its pretty str8 fwd to understand..


So step 1? Apply hair treatment cream to your towel-dry-wet-hair. The cream smell nice and they are pretty sufficient for my slightly longer than shoulder length hair.. i can apply them all the way till the root.. Any hair longer than that you might want to just apply more on hair ends and move upward if you have enough to go on..


After applications, just massage massage massage then you can proceed to step 2. Step 2 is just to to cover your hair with the essence hair cap.


When i open up the hair cap, it seems pretty dry.. i’m just wondering where is the essence, is it all dry up?? Even until I’m done with my hair mask, i still think the essence must have all dried up that why they are selling 1 for 1!? SO sad! But after i washed away the hair mask, my hair feels smooth! Tho my permed hair doesn’t seems to be more tame but i can feel that they are less frizzy!! (i still don’t believe there are essence in the hair cap!! LOL)

If you’re asking if i will buy again… my answer is gona be.. Maybe not? There are better hair mask out der which i had tried and still loving them now! Kracie is one of them!


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