Dove Whitening Original Deodorant

Hi Readers!!! Its me again! After a busy week i finally have got time to do a post for you! Singapore weather is totally crazy now! Hot!! Hazy!! what else!? The PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) here has hit 401 on 21st June, my DAD’s Birthday!! What a day to remember~! My trip to the River Safari with kiddy has been affected too! But I’ll share that with you on another post! Today’s post is about Dove Whitening Original Deodorant!


Rec’d this deodorant from Dove early June for a review.. erm. not really a review, more like a testimonial? Got this chance to do review from Singapore Womens’ Weekly magazine! This is not sample size or travel size! It’s the actual retail size deodorant!


Dove Whitening Original Deodorant is the best deodorant i had use so far. No kidding! The whitening effect aside, the scent is enough to make me keep wanting more! It has a very pleasant calming scent, like baby powder. This may sounds crazy but it works like how lavender works on me. Wearing Dove Whitening Original Deodorant during the day, i feel fresh and clean! Wearing it at night, makes me relax & sleep well too . The deodorant scent is something i look forward to each time i use it!

That’s not all, another thing i like about Dove Whitening Original Deodorant is that it doesn’t stain your clothes! My friend who uses deodorant too always have this unsightly patch on her blouse (under-arm area) when she applies too much deodorant but with Dove Whitening Original Deodorant, i did not see this happening to me! That’s very promising already!

How’s the effect you asking? I find it effective too! Usually I will shaved my underarm every 2-3 days or use a wax strip (but waxing is too painful!). Regular shaving caused my underarm to have uneven skin tone, skin darkening and made my underarm skin dry. Based on my observation after I started using Dove Deo (been almost a month now), my underarm skin tone has lighten quite a bit and it kind of moisturize and soothe my underarm after I shaved (it is especially soothing after I waxed my underarm!). It’s good to see that my dark underarm has lighten and feeling fresh all day!

However don’t expect it to work like overnight magic.. It took about 3-4 days for me to realize my darkened underarm seems a little fairer. So happy to see it become fairer, i started using it more diligently! Every morning once, after shower, before i head to work & once in the evening after my shower when I’m back from work! When i’m feeling so worn out that day, i will apply it again just before i goes to sleep so that i can easily fall asleep without thinking about work!

Conclusion, this is definitely a deodorant that i will purchase again and recommend to my family and friends! People who have not use any deodorant before and wish to try, Dove Whitening Original Deodorant will definitely not disappoint you!

Nice scent! Effective! Easy to bring around! What more can you ask for!? Falling in Love with Dove!!

Before i end this post!! I’m so happy that i managed to grab this Dove Gift Set!!! Purchase a set of shampoo + condition and you can bring home a Panasonic hair dryer!!!


(This is not a sponsored review but more of a testimonial + giveaway that I participated)

7 thoughts on “Dove Whitening Original Deodorant

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  3. Hey! I really wanna buy this product but I don’t know where. I live in California in the Bay Area and I dont have any idea where I could get it, may I know where you got this from or any suggestions where I can get this from my place? THANKS!

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