Fresh Cherry Tint

Welcome to reading a post that I nvr thought I would post! Seriously!! I nvr though I would!

Today’s post is all about Lip Tint from Étude House! Yes, lip tint! Lip tint is something that is less ‘strong’ than lipstick but is more ‘strong’ than lip gloss. It gives a more natural look and also lasts longer!!


This lip tint is a free sachets that I’d rec’d from one online seller whom i bought some stuff from! Sorry that the pack is already opened – like I said, I really nvr though I would do this post!!


Unlike Tony Moly’s liquid lip tint, this lip tint is a little more heavier than liquid- like emulsion??! Looks thick but actually very lighweight!

I think picture speaks a thousand words!


The colour looks very striking… i got a shock and was still thinking “i’m not gona wear this BRIGHT PINK on my lips and go out!”


But it actually turns out ok! The colour will tone down and blend with your lip’s colour.. Girls who doesnt like to be loud and bold or girls who wants a nature finish, this is definitely for you!! WORTH the try!

Sorry that i din not mgt to show u my lips without the tint because (like i said earlier) i wasn’t prepared to do this post! hahaha.. It was until i put on the lip tint and got too amazed by the result then i decided to share this with you! It was all sooo impromptu!


(Using the front cam of my iPhone)

I have very dry chapped lips and thus lip colour is always dull and ‘dark’? But this lip tint gave my lips a hint of pink and made it looks healthier! And did i mention? the sweet cherry scent is so so nice! Made me feels like a young girl once again!!


(Using the rear cam of my iPhone)

You only need a slightly bigger then sesame size amount to tint you lips! Too much will makes it too pink and i think it will be very unnatural! After that, you can topped with a (shimmer) lip gloss or lip balm to give it an extra shine – for that first few hours? At least you leave home looking beautiful!


I tried to clean off tint but it did not come off completely. Indeed very lasting! Even after i had my meal, the tint is still visible and still so natural! hahaha.. But of cause it’s not permenant! With the aid of your makeup remover, this tint will be cleaned in no time.


See fingers stained too! haha! Overall i think this is a pretty good experience! I guess i will grap one some day! I’m not a lip colour person but this lip tint sure gets me excited!!


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