One Day Bazaar @ BHG

It’s time for shopping again!!!! Hahahah!! Don’t u just love to shop whole day, all year round!!?!? Man I wish I could!

Bought a few items and decided to pick 3 out of the many to share with u!! I’m not going into product knowledge or branding background today! It will be just my POV! So…. Let’s start!

I believe L’oréal is not a new brand to many of u… Most girls started their makeup life with one or two L’oréal stash ya? Today at BHG ODB sales, I whacked these two makeup base for myself…!

Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer & Base Magique Transforming Soothing Primer!


Why buy 2 u asking?? Hahaha! Because I can’t decided which to settle for!! They both give different result!


Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer give u a radiant face!! Like you are giving out inner shine~ hahaha! Ok, I exaggerated..!



As u can see the primer is white in color and it contains a little shimmer (I guess that is what makes ur face bright like they’re glowing) the primer is quite runny but slightly thicker than water.. Application was easy too!



Love the glow that it gives and yet not too bright! People who wants radiant, brightened and/or dewy face, this Pure Light Primer is definitely for u!

Looking at the above “with & without” comparison, very obvious that my skin glows with Lucent Magique! Hahaha… Don’t u juz love the radiance?


Next here is the Base Magique Transforming Soothing Primer! This primer works great for people who wants matt complexion, less visible pores and smooth smooth face!!

It comes in a bottle, velvet cream like primer!



Application was a little challenging for me.. It doesn’t spread on nicely on my hand.. The cream doesn’t seem to get ‘absorb’ in and its like keep rolling on my skin.. Used double the time i use to apply pure light primer to get this done.

On the other hand, my sis like this lots! It went on perfectly on her hand when she tried the sample!! No cakey residue like I what I experience..



But after a while (was still doing my shopping in BHG).. I touchedy hand again and my skin feels smooth.., VERY SMOOTH!! I was like “wow! Not bad eh!?!?” It does takes a whole for the product to get used to my skin huh? (Hahaha) that is when I decided to grab a bottle tooo!!

I tried to show u the “with & without” comparison.. But doesn’t seems to show AT ALL! Hahah! FAILED! But it really smoothen my skin quite a bit! Even some wrinkles went *POOF* missing!!


Putting both hands together, I think u can see difference?? Radiant vs Smoothen!! Who wins!??

Other than L’oréal primers, I had also bought Ettusias Mineral Powder!!



First thing I want to tell u is that…. The powder puff is really very soft!!!!!! Feels like a princess putting on powder! Hahahaa!

This mineral powder has little coverage as compared to their mineral compact powder.. As I din wana add on the weight on my face, I choose this loose powder to sort of set my makeup and gives it a matt look..

In below pic, you can see my hand with the application on powder on top of the primer that I just shared w you..


Indeed very light ya? Hahaha! I can barely see the powder.. =P

After reading this post, have u decided which primer to get for yourself??


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