My First Velvet Nails!

GOOD DAY EVERYONE!!! I have a v v important thing to share!!!! Heee! I did my first ever velvet nail art!!


Pretty?? Let me be proud just this once!! I think it’s pretty awesome!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! (The fact: definitely rooms for more improvement!)

I dun do tutorial video but this is so easy and u do not need video to be able to it! All u need is juz a base color (for my case, white), a primary colour (I chose turquoise green) and velvet powder!!! And prior to that, a good base & top coat is v important!!! Be sure to get them ready tooooo!


So what I did here is just apply my base color to all nails! Then I use my dotting tool to dot some clear base coat into my nail plate after I’m done w the base color!


Before ur base coat dries up, quickly sprinkle/pour some velvet powder over ur nails… Those area where u’re dot will now be occupied with the velvet powder..!!

A quick note, before dealing with your velvet powder remember to place a pcs of paper on the table (below your hand!!) You will realize it is a very important step! Hahaha!! Why? Because the “over-poured” velvet powder can then be put back into the container containing all your velvet!! No wastage!!



Nice?? I think they’re pretty awesome but a little too white ya?? Prolly next time I will use non-white as base color..




Try it now!! Velvet powders are available at at a very reasonable price! Let me share the link when I’m on PC!

C’ya soooon!!


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