Smoulder Time!!!

Cake cake cake time!!!!!

A raise of hand.. How many like of u like lava cake!??? *raise hand*

I got to know Smoulder from a friend’s Facebook! LOLX!! They look sooo interesting and yummy!!!! They have a total of twelve flavors, 12 chocolate-related flavors!!! As I browse their web, I der more and more tempted to buy…. So I head down to the nearest outlet, Raffles City!!!



Seeeee!!! So many flavors!!! Signature Dark Choc, White Choc Pistachio, Milk Choc Mocha…. And more and more…..

I bought the pack of 9 flavours! Was super sad that i can’t bring home all 12 flavours and suddenly the staff asked me.. “Do you have PLUS card?” @_@ YES I HAVE!!!! The promo for PLUS card is that you get to buy another 3 pcs for S$3 (that is S$1 each!!) with every purchase of a box of 9!!! Wow that is like S$27 for 12 pcs!!!



And now i’m happily shaking my smoulder home!!! hahahahaha!!!! \(^ v ^)/



Can you guess the flavors?? From clockwise, Pistachio, hazelnut, rasberry, lemon!! All white chocolate except hazelnut is milk chocolate! Pistachio is nice, Hazelnut too.. i think raspberry a little sweet.. As for lemon… (hee) i didn’t get to eat that..



These THREE DARKEST SMOULDER scare my dad away! hahahaha! I’m not a fan of dark chocolate so no comments on this.. my mom ate them!


The lava flowing out after i slight microwaved them for 10s.. Dun heat them up too long.. the lave will get cooked!!! LOL!

It’s a good experience.. Will i buy again? i dono.. maybe yes maybe not?? Yes, because they are nice.. No, because i’ve already tried them and it’s not that fantastic till i’m gona come back for more..

Do check out their Website and Facebook for more info!



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