More Tips!!

Here’s more Tips from SWW & Cleo!!!

I personally like how this “25 Tiny Tips To Improve Your Life Right Now” article! Not very wordy and str8 to the point! Enjoyed the reading satisfaction.. As in the satisfaction after you complete reading a paragraph!! These are all SHORT paragraph!! ^_^


*guilty* probably i can start by making my bed!! >_<


Yes! point 8!! i should do the smallest things first~!! i always gets stressed up when my work are piling up!! and i always don’t know where to start!!


I always tell my mom i love her (point 15)… i tell my sis too.. but they think I’m up to something~! & they rather me not love them! HOW SAD~ =P


Hey! this is so me~ i always sing in the shower (point 22) !!! HAHAHAH!!!!

What do you think?? These Cleo’s tips are great aren’t they!!? You can find all this in Cleo June issue! and next TIPS coming up is from Singapore Women’s Weekly June Issue too!

5weapons_Pg1 5weapons_Pg2

Point 1, FAILED… i can’t even get my daily done right… how am i gona rmb to keep a FOOD DIARY!? LOL~~ & my fridge is never gona filled with LOW-FAT Food!!!! ROARRR~~


Point 5.. weight loss partner?? i don have.. but i have a weight gain partner! a partner who love to see me put on weight~~ =X Always feeding me with food when i loss 1kg.. T__T

Hope these tips will be helpful to you… or at least, let you have fun reading it~!


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