My Favourite Salt!

Hello!!! Good evening good morning good afternoon to everyone!!! its been a looong looong time since my last post! erm.. ok maybe not that long.. juz few weeks? but it feeels like a decade!!! Today in gona share with u something I use during my personal time!!! *sexy* hahaha!

How many of you out there actually use bath salt or dead sea salt or … Watever salt for your shower time!? Well! I do! From Lemongrass House bath salt to Watson’s house brand bath salt! Among all, I love this one that I’m gona recommend to you best!!


Bath salt from Aqua Rine! Aqua Rine’s bath salt comes in 6 different aroma!

S$10.80: Peach & Chilli
S$9.80: Milk, Rose, Sakura & Green Tea
Size: 400g

• Exfoliate dead skin cells (gently dissolves dirt, grease, blackhead, whitehead), leaving a clean & smooth skin
• Effectively remove dead skin cells which causes dry skin
• Promote radiant complexion
• Moisturize & hydrate your skin
• Helps to prevent ingrown hair
• Relieve acnes and stop skin itchiness.

Main ingredient? Sea salt of course!! Jojoba, seaweed, natural active of oak, loquat leaf, pine needle, honey & the type of aroma!!

I bought 2 different scent/aroma this time! Sakura (2nd purchase) and Rose! I wanted to try other scent but I really love the Sakura one so decided to get it again!!

Sakura: Specially added with sakura to whiten skin tone, balance serum secretions and minimize pores. The addition of natural sea salt enhances the whitening effect. Step out of the shower feeling refreshed with smooth, moisturized skin and the fresh scent of sakura fragrance.

Rose: Specially added with Rose Oil, it deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin. With the combination of sea salt, it minimizes pores and aids in the natural skin rejuvenation process without drying the skin. Step out of the shower feeling refreshed with smooth, moisturized skin and the fresh scent of rose fragrance.



There are two type of salt for each aroma, fine & coarse. I chose the coarse salt because I can exfoliated all I want! The fine salt is gentle but it dissolve too quickly and I can’t get enough of the scrubbing sensation!! Lol!

Also the aroma is not just in there to make it smells nice but it also helps to relax my mind and make me enjoy my shower time!! Aromatherapy!!! Hahaha! Me like!!

The next time I’m gona stock up the chilli one!! Read from review, it seems that chilli is not as unpleasant as we thought!! Hee! So its like we can enjoy doing body scrub and at the same time increase the breakdown of fatty tissue, which enhances slimming. The addition of natural salt also improves skin firmness and elasticity!!

Now are you getting impatient and wana quickly get your own bath salt!!? Haha! Aqua Rine’s bath salt is available at Watson’s, Sasa, BHG! Oh and before I forget, be careful not to get counterfeit product!



Follow Aqua Rine’s Facebook HERE for their latest news and update!!


Hello again! This is jus a quick update (as of 27 Apr 2013) to show u the diff between fine and coarse salt!



Indeed I still prefer coarse salt! Allow mi to have more time to scrub my body and it does not dissolve so quickly..

Fine salt feels more like microbeads and it dissolve tooo fast! 😦 if u have tender skin then this may suit u.. Else I think coarse salt is definitely a better option! 😀


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