When to Toss it!?


How many of you really follow the “life span” of your make up?? I know i don’t.. Hahaha..

Here’s a little guide for you:


So, are you really gonna throw your makeup now?? What if i tell you they can last longer!!?

*put back everything*


Foundation life depends on if it is oil-based or water-based. Both should be stored in a cool place, eg: refrigerator. Oil-based products will last a bit longer as they contain oil, which naturally lasts longer. You will notice the foundation and oil will separate, but they can be shaken up and you’re ready to use them again! Water-based products tend to break down more quickly because of evaporation that occurs. One trick to prolong the life of it is to add a few drops of alcohol-free toner, which you can find at any drugstore, and shake it up. This is also something you will most likely be using on a daily basis, so try not to switch foundations on and off and use one often, as this also applies to concealers, whether they are in cream or liquid form. Use the same ones everyday until you run out. Then you can go for a new, fresh one.


Lipsticks should always be stored in a dark, dry, cold place. Storing them in the refrigerator will help them last longer, especially if you don’t wear the same lipstick everyday and switch often as most people do from season to season. This will keep them from melting and retain the formula of the lipstick.


Mascara, there are two reasons you have to toss this makeup: it dries out or it gets contaminated. You can ward off both of these problems by not pumping the wand up and down, which forces bacteria and also air into the tube thus mascara drys out even faster. Instead, swirl the brush as you pull it out. And if it starts to seem cakey, experts recommend dipping the tube in boiling water for about 15 seconds. It will make the makeup gooey again and may even kill some of the bacteria. Also, mascara tends to form a ring around the outside of the tube, so make sure you clean around the outside where the wand and tube meet, this will secure it properly and tighten it!


Eyeliner, instead of throwing them away, there is a very easy way to repair this problem. First, clean the top with alcohol and a tissue to prevent any buildup of bacteria, then sharpen the pencil and apply a very tiny bit of Vaseline or olive oil to the tip of the pencil, coating it very lightly and gently rubbing it back and forth on your skin (top of hand or arm) to get the product and substance to work together and warm it up, making it more creamy. This instantly softens the pencil and brings it back to life. It is a quick and easy way of restoring your pencils.

images (1)

Eyeshadows often tend to dry and crack if they aren’t being used on a weekly or monthly basis. One way to continue to use your shadow, if it’s a darker shade, as you would choose any other eyeliner shade, is to create another use for it such as applying a bit of water to a thin, flat brush and dipping it into the shadow, using it as a liner instead. The water will enhance the pigment once again. With your eyeliner brush, go in between the lashes as a filler to your lash line or as a regular liner above and below both lids.

images (2)

Perfume can last up to 5 years if you keep them in the original box or in the medicine cabinet can get you two extra years out of the spray. No need to ditch them so soon as long as you keep them out of the sun. It’s the direct light that makes perfume lose its scent or even start to smell funky!


Nail Polish life span can be double up if you keep them in the fridge! Like perfume, heat and sunlight destroy nail polish by separating the ingredients and causing discoloration! So try to keep them away from sunlight and in a cool place!

These tips are not from me. I googled them and decided to share with you. What is from me probably only the below statement…




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