Tips and Tricks from Vanity Trove!

Hi All!!

Today I’m gona do some sharing session while my beau is away! >_<

I’m not those hardworking girls that will come up with my own video to show u those tips (i don’t know how to do them either!! T_T, else, who knows, i mite really would!) I scanned a few tips from Vanity Trove’s little booklet.. This tips caught my attention so i decided to share..

I have to admit first that this is a really lazy post as there are more pic then me doing the “talking”.. >_< But still they are quite simple and easy tips!

I’ll start from Feb booklet first, since it’s the first issue…


These are “Tips & Tricks” in Feb Vanity Trove booklet. Tho V day is over but there’s always a next one.. so.. read up ahead! 😀

pg1 pg2 pg3 pg4

These tips actually applies to any date.. So get ready to mesmerize your date NOW~~

Next, we’ll be looking at Mar issue…


pg1 pg2 pg3 pg4 pg5

Hard work does pays off.. don’t you think? BTW, did i see teeth whitening toothpaste? haha! I recommend the new Colgate Optic White.. Pretty good! Will do up a post on that when i’m ready.. 🙂

Now for the Apr issue…. (psst.. April VT product reveal coming up next post!)cvr pg1 pg2

I think I’m a Flower Power type.. I like Kenzo Flower.. I like Bvlgari Rose Essential.. and i like the DKNY Rose from VT trove too! I like Burberry Body as well – tho i’m not too sure which category does it falls under!

pg3 pg4 pg5 pg6 pg7 pg8 pg9

Wow.. i personally like this Sleeping Beauty and Miracle or Myth article (Printed under “Featured” in Apr issue..  Now i know choc won’t cause breakout, cellulite won’t be gone! and … sadly.. i cant catch up my sleep!!!  I swear i’m gona start sleeping early for a brighter skin!!

These are really very interesting article.. not too wordy and straight to the point.. but.. if u need more solution, probably u need to do some googling work.. nothing comes easy and that includes beauty~


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