Job Interview

Hi hi everybody!! hee! I’m doing a quick post during my lunch time!!

I found this “pic” few days back on facebook and thought its pretty interesting and USEFUL!! If you are looking for a job or already have a scheduled interview coming soon… YOU SHOULD REALLY READ ON!!!



Now you know?? The first 90 sec of your interview is the critical moment!! SMILE, make EYE CONTACT and give a FIRM SHAKE!! These stands a relatively high %, especially eye contact!! @_@.. & these are what you can easily score during your first 90 seconds! (btw, eye contact doesn’t mean you STARE at your employer like you’re gonna eat them up anytime!!) 

The rest are more of preparation work..

  • Dress appropriate (or rather decent!)! 
  • Do some google check on the company background before heading for your interview.. (C’mon, how much time can a google check takes you?? Wiki might shorten your time a little..)
  • Practice your speech! (Most interview have the same questions.. Practice how to answer them and you are almost there!! you can visit HERE to see those HOT questions at an interview  – BEST answer provided too (wow!!) )

Posture/gesture are what you have to maintain throughout the interview.. Be mindful but dun get too engross controlling them till you forget your speech! LOL..

With all these “hard work”, i think more or less you are portraying a confident image already! Wishing you all the best!!


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