Tinted Moisturizer? BB Cream?? or Foundation??

Are you a fan of Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream or Foundation??

I’m a fan of BB Cream.. I can still recall how i doubt the effect of a BB cream when it was first introduced to me..

“Is it that magical!?”

“If BB Cream can do wonder then what is concealer??”

“It sounds so harmful!”

But after i tried using once.. ( i remember i was like.. “ok should i put on concealer first or bb cream first??!” LOL!!!) i fell madly in love with it… It really works like magic! From then on, i no longer rely on concealer..

So what’s the diff between all of them?? See below pic..



I grabbed below pic from Kiehl’s FB page! and I find it quite true to description. I ever tried Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer and indeed the coverage was not as good as my regular BB cream (from Ettusais). But it definitely gives my face a dewy look! When i still have my tinted moisturizer then, i used it as a makeup base before i put on my BB cream. As for moisturized or not, its not like i can tell immediately.. but it doesn’t make my skin drier than dry, that makes me very happy already! LOL..

I seldom use foundation as I feel that it will clogged pore to insane extend! The most i used is probably a mineral loose powder after putting on my BB cream.. Why? no particular reason.. Purely because my BB cream is too fair for me and i need my loose powder to darkened my complexion! HAHAHAH.. till i finished this BB cream, I’m not gona throw it away…


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