My Prize from Etude House!

Have i told you i submitted a nail art to Etude House to participate in one of the Valentine contest?? i think i i didn’t uh?? well.. ok now u know! Haha.. which nail art?? *gimme a sec while i go dig it out!!*

Nail-zzify My Prince


ah-hah! its here.. My Oriental Love for this Valentine (2013)!! hahah I’m one of the 5 winner for best design! so lucky.. probably not much nail polish lover join this contest that why i get to win! >_< Else for my standard i think i cant even stand near a consolation! T_T

OKOK what did i win!??? I won this Etoinette Collection that is worth $50++!!IMG_0165

There’s a lipstick, a hand essence, a shower cologne and a mini comb.


this is the lipstick set that comes with a mini comb.. ( i thot a mirror will be more handy. hmm)IMG_0167

Colour?? sweet pink! im quite reluctant to use this pink initially cuz IT’S TOO PINK!!


But after applying on my hand i think otherwise.. It looks pretty ok in fact! but probably i’ll just not apply too much! (my mom says this set looks like a toy! haha)


Next I’m gona give u a quick peep of the hand essence and shower cologne..


Here’s the hand essence.. i suppose its like a normal hand lotion?? it come with a safety seal so i did not open up to try (because i’m not using it anytime within this few months.. I still have others.. even lotion have to take Q number for me to use them ok!! *giggle*)



Here’s the shower cologne.. it has a like rose scent.. pretty soothing.. mi like.. but does shower cologne acts like a perfume or eau de toilette? Really like the light rose scent!

Well, so that’s all for today! i just took my medication and the drowsiness is kicking in already.. time for bed! good night!!



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