Yey! Happy me!



Jiang-jiang!!I won myself ….. Make Up Store products worth $400++ from Singapore Women Weekly Jan Issue!! I’m SOOOOO HAPPY!! So what’s in the bag!?



We have… Hydrating mudmask! i have not use this mask so cant really tell u how great it is or how it is not. But this mask is a pretty decent size! 100ml!



Next up is this hydra serum! same goes for this serum, i haven started using so no comments! but feel free to share with me your thoughts if you had used them before.



Alright, next in the bag!! Lip balm and lip stick!!!





I seriously like this lip balm! It’s has this very refreshing scent and make me believe that my lips are truely being cared and loved!! When applied on, there are little scrub-like particles that will leave on your lips.. These scrub-like particles act like a scrub massaging ur lips when u are applying this balm. But when u are done, i think it will be better if u just pick them off ur lips. You wun wana leave ur house with ur lips full of “scrub” ya??




And this is the lip stick color i got! not bad.. a little shimmering orange color (TOSCA, is the color i think)


ok! next up !!! nail polish!! Vera Shimmer! Just like its name, its a shimmer polish. Very sheer but definitely a great partner when u wana go plain.



*one coat*



*two coat*

In additional to all above, there’s also a Make Up Store magazine (i dono wat to do with this man, pretty worthless to me, sorry!), a complimentary eyebrow trimming service, a complimentary make up lesson and 2 x $10 voucher (with minimum $50 purchase) Haha! so excited! i think i wana join more contest!!



And… i thot i’m gona lost this because it was passed redemption date and i din managed to redeem it. This is a R6 Face Treatment  from Jean Yip! My winning from SWW Dec issue!! man! SWW is GREAT!! i think i’m gona subscribe to it sooon!!


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