Mom’s Signature!



Do you know what is this??

It’s my mom SPECIAL RICE CAKE!! I always wanted to know how she cook it and now i know….. HALF!

So what we need to start??



Dried Shrimp, Chilli Paste, Dried Mushrooms, Beansprout, Vegetables.. & of cuz PORRIDGE (Rice Cake)!!!



OK…. i overslpt and missed the IMPORTANT part whereby my mom made the porridge into rice cake!!! GRRRRR!!! ok, if u r a cooking maniac, i bet u’ll know how. but me? I DON’T KNOW!

So let’s start??? NAHHH~~~!!!! I’m not a great cook. If i were to come up with a recipe, my recipe will be, “Throw everything in” & “Start cooking!” hahahaha!

Actually… this is how this dish was done, throw everything! First you throw in Dried Shrimp, then Chilli Paste. Stir till the dried shrimp fragrance is lingering around your whole house! Then, throw in Dried Mushrooms, Beansprout, Vegetables.. Stir stir stir again until everything is will mixed. Then lastly, throw in your Rice Cake and stir stir stir again.. For this whole dish, no salt was used!

If you want to know how to cook this dish, GOOGLE IT! hahahaha!

I shall make my own attempt next time!!















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