Liquid Sand sings!

This is ….. my long awaited Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection!!!! Application is quite tricky! you have to apply thick coat to bring out the sandy feel (IMO), else it will look ugly.20130129-225053.jpg


Nice?? i kinda like it! OH btw, see my little pinkie?? That was applied kinda thin-ly thus the color is abit off..


This is one coat.

Not very impressive one coat. hmm.. i thought its gonna be a disappointment,..


Get Your Number (Index Finger): It’s a cool blue aqua blue marine blue?? Big & Small glitters, bits of holo glitz too! Very bling bling! This blue reminds me of Strepsils Cool thou.


Can’t Let Go (Middle Finger): Purplish Blue? i like this tone! I read review saying it has medium size hexagon glitter but i think probably cuz mine was a mini, i can’t seems to be able to “dig” out any medium hexagon glitter!!


The Impossible (Ring Finger): PINK!! This is my 2nd favorite among the liquid sand collection! Tho it’s nothing too special but it just attracts me like its one of a kind! Like other L.S. collection, this one has glitters, holo glitters too!

Stay The Night (Little Finger): Black with pink glitter! i like this too!!! Man! this collection has too many beautiful colours!!

as you can see, with 2 coats, the “wow-ness” is definitely there…!!!


Add a top coat… it’s give you another look!!

This CNY I’m definitely going for liquid sand nails!


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