Tung Lok Seafood Buffet

塞翁失马焉知非福(A blessing in disguise)!

We planned to have dinner at Kiseki at OC as a treat to one of our friend as she seldom come to Singapore! but…. i nearly forgot to make reservation! By the time i made reservation, they are fully booked! MAN~! But luckily my colleague gave me a good recommendation just in time!!!


LUNCH (for lunch menu click HERE & HERE)

Mondays to Fridays Adult: $24.80 Child: $14.80 (Below 12 yrs old)

Saturdays, Sundays and PHs Adult: $26.80 Child: $16.80 (Below 12 yrs old)

Mondays to Saturdays Lunch 11.30 am to 3.00 pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

Sundays and PHs Lunch 10.00 am to 3.00 pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

DINNER – minimum 4 persons (for dinner menu click HERE & HERE)

Monday to Sundays and PHs Adult: $38.80++ Child: $28. 80++ (below 12 yrs old)

Daily Dinner 6:00pm to 10:30pm (Last order: 10.00pm)

Chinese Tea $1.50 per person
Pickles $3.00 per plate


They have pretty much items and all seems yummilicious!! Before i head down to the restaurant, i did some review search and concluded that the fried fish skin with salted egg is a MUST TRY! the Yam Paste in Young Coconut has some good review too….

So what did we actually ordered?? continue reading…. 🙂20130126-011159.jpg

Salmon SASHIMI! wow.. I’m pretty impress they have this!! Having salmon at a buffet, will it gives you an impression that it’s gona be some “mass product” and its definitely gona be less fresh less quality? I thot so too.. BUT at Tung Lok here, they serve quality salmon, EVEN SALMON is on my plate!!! Thot they might not be perfect in their slicing skill but who cares!? I’m not there for the skill.. I’m der for quality good food! These salmon definitely fits our diet!


See we even ordered a 2 round and this time, a BIGGER portion! (we din request, the waitress gave us a auto-upsize! HAHA)


Next, we have our appetizer, The Shredded Preserved Squid and Jellyfish. I like this but may not be a wow for some. It’s mainly cucumber that you will get to eat but i like the combination of everything in here.The crunchiness of cucumber the Q-ness of the jelly fish and the preserved squid tasted so much like those imitation abalone! HAHAHA! Also, the peanuts on it added extra crunch and had enhanced the whole appetizer! Tho i dono what sauce they used but really it’s all pretty well done.


UP next is their precious one-order-per-customer’s Braised Shark’s Fin with Fish Maw!I must say, tho its only one serving but the portion is not stingy. The soup is diluted canned shark’s fin! it’s pretty thick kinda thick soup.

Actually, eating at Tung Lok, you won’t get anything (quality) lesser than expected. That is why they are called TUNGLOK! Food quality good, service good & price laggi good! LOL. In short, you get what you paid for!


Fried Carrot Cake with Sausage in Spicy X.O. Sauce! Hahaha! this is a bit tricky. If i did not see the menu, i won’t realise there’s sausage in it! It looks more like carrot cake and beansprout to me..You can skip this if you are not a carrot cake fan.


Next next next.. (their serving speed was pretty fast to the extend we have to tell them to slow down!) Deep-fried Marble Goby with Chef’s Special Sauce! Dun mistaken that we ate the fish half way! it was like that when they  took out. they probably had just cut the fish. I dun think this is suitable for kids as this small fish have many many bone-y! even i have to eat with care..

As for the special sauce, it’s pretty similar to HK steam’s soy sauce. If you are a Tze Char eater, you will know what i mean. 😀


HERE!! the loooong awaited Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk!!!!!!




Eat it hot or cold (room-temp cold), it still taste equally good and crispy!! The yolk is  just nice! not too overwhelming and/or too pathetic! The mild yolkie fragrance is gently lingering around the fish skin and oh man.. it made me can’t stop eating it!!

Indeed a MUST TRY!!!


This is also another one-order-per-customer dish, Sauteed Clams in Sambal Sauce! Ok, this is nice but pretty disappointed. Why? Because there’s more shell then meat. and the clams are not clean. There’s still “shit” in some of the clams! STINK! The nice part is just sambal and onion..


Sliced Beef with Ginger and Scallions is a wow for me! Just when you finish most of the food, spicy, salty, sour, this savory beef is incredible. Other than the great tenderness, every bite of the beef is deeply hugged with the sauce fragrance!! NICE!


Finally time for dessert! quite like the dessert. Yes, at one look you may think its so little!! but after eating so much food do you think you can still fill ur stomach with 500g herbal jelly or a dozen of ice cream puff??? LOL!

We order a portion of Herbal Jelly with Honey, Chilled Almond Beancurd with Longan & Ice Cream Puff!!!

Quite sad that the yam paste is not available here… hmm.. wonder where did they ate that. 😦


Our Bill?? not too shocking ya! If you realise, we paid for 3 adult and 1 child! Actually its only 3 adult eating but due to the minimum pax is 4, we decided to pay for an extra child price to start our feast!!

Prior to that, i must say, the host was really nice to have inform us and gave us advise and not just reject us immediately. 🙂 During our whole dining session, the experience was pretty good and enjoyable. All their staff at OC outlet are very friendly, always putting on a smile and attentive! Being attentive is very important. You can have a whole dozen of staff but if none of them are attentive, it’s as good as having none.


Last but not least, Have a BLASTING LUNAR NEW YEAR !!!


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