Jacqueline Burchell Gel Polish Workshop

How many of you heard of Jacqueline Burchell? JB is actually a Gel Polish Brand. A brand with thousand over gel colours! Impressive? Yea.. i think so..


This complimentary workshop i attend is at Midview City (Sin Ming Lane).. it’s not hard to find.. But the walking is… LOL.. probably cuz i’m not familar with  that area..


Guess what i’m the first to arrive!! * applause* So i was told to register over at the booth first then take a seat anywhere i like in the “classroom”..


Looks like it’s gona be a 12 pax class.. *excited* Since there’s still some time before the workshop starts.. i went around taking pics..



This class room is actually a studio.. i think that’s why there’s furniture everywhere.. I found something cute too, shall show it to you shortly!!


By 2pm, Jaclyn Ngo from Luxewomen started the workshop..

In this workshop, we learnt the basic nail knowledge. Jaclyn also showed us the comparison between regular polish and gel polish. (im still waiting for her pdf file to recap) and from this workshop, i learnt that gel polish only takes like 30s TO BE CURED!! wow.. thst’s very fast.. I’ve never done gel polish before cuz i wasn’t very excited about it. but now..hahah.. it seems pretty interesting already.. andgel polish can last at least 21 days (3 weeks!!) Man~!

Jaclyn also gave up a tip.. we can apply regular polish on top of gel polish if we want to change color for a night (or two).. then after that use a non-acetone polish remover to remove the regular polish and ta-dahhh~~ Gel polish again!


So after all the talking…. now it’s hands on time! but not our hands on.. it’s their hands on..

Their hands on is all about all the how-to… how to push cuticles.. how to apply gel polish.. how to remove.. how to give your nails treatment..


*pushing cuticles*


*applying base coat*


*curing the coats* 30s each for a base & (2 coats) color. 90s for top coat!


See.. it’s completely dry after those curing!!





and after all the talking and sharing.. Above are the promo pack that they’re having at this workshop! super good buy! but .. i din bring cash! or rather not enough cash!! T_T

Below are ALLLL the colours the JB have.. from basic to glitters.. man! hell lots of colours!









Last but not least.. this is really a educational workshop for nails lovers.. 20121129-161427.jpg

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