November Bellabox – Bliss

SNEAK PREVIEW…..! Of course not!!


SEEEEE!! It’s my bellabox time again!! But this will be my last box already. i decided to cancel my subscription.. Not that i had some real bad experience to the extend i wanna quit this but i think for S$19.90 (to me it’s S$20 already..).. i would rather pay abit more for a VT which, IMO, has more exciting products for us to explore..


So what do we have here? 🙂


Loreal Shampoo.. Absolut Repair.. Had tried.. its good but not the best. =X

I don’t feel my hair condition really improve after using. I know i cant see immediate effect but.. as compare to Kracie Hair product i got from VT, i this this still lose out abit..



i never liked to use oil on my hair.. so i guess i will have to share this w one of my lucky friend.. hee!! =P


Face Mask..! Mask is something i will never have enough!! This EGF silk mask is nvr too late to rejuvenate my face..


Next, we have this hydrating creme from Benta Berry.. used ONCE.. what i think? nothing happen.. haha not like i want to see my face becoming very beautiful overnight but…  really i din feel anything special.. =X


Like finally i see a makeup product!! YEAH.. A lipstick from Savoir Faire..



But the color is.. not my type.. wasted.. a bit metallic bronze..


Last but not least…. .a necklace! pink mustache necklace..


Nice.. i have somebody in mind when i see this.. man! (老婆,这是你的了!)



So other then products, BB also included some discount vouchers for us to use..



Are you bliss-ed ~ hahahaa! well.. i pretty bliss with the EGF Silk Mask i’ve got!!

Definitely looking fwd to use it SOOOON!


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