BHG Bishan 1-Day Bazaar!

What do u normally grab when there’s a sales!? Big Mega Sales!!! Me? I’ll grab skincare whenever possible!!

On 10 Nov, BHG Bishan had a closed door event, only for DBS/POSB/BHG member.. Fortunately, I’m all of the above! So I’m even more excited!!! I grabbed nothing but Laneige products this time! But trust mi, most of them belongs to my mom!


My mom’s happy result! Her whitening daily regime! Cleanser! Refiner! Essence!!



Something caught my attention! This cleansing foam!!! Ain’t it fun to wash ur face w foam?? I remember reading from somewhere foam can actually cleanse ur face better as the molecule can carry the dirt away.. (something like that..)



And with the above purchase I’m only S$50 away from getting below whitening travel size gift!!



8-pcs gift set worth $60!!

So I decided not to waste this chance and grabbed a gel moisturizer for myself since my current bot is finishing soon!


Some times SALE is really a killer! ~_~


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