Phillip Wain Facial!

So happy that i made it to Phillip Wain facial that day (Monday), with my pretty mom!! Been trying to arrange one since the day we signed up for their 1-for-1 package!!!

We planned to do a 1.5hr facial but because i ended work late, we only mgt to be in time for the 1hr facial! aaaw… 😦 So what’s this 1hr facial about?? WHITENING!!!


This is one of their new treatment!

Ambience wise i think it is needless to say more..! Phillip Wain always makes me feels like a VIP! hahaha thanks to the exclusive-ness!! As for the facial, i think its really interesting. First time i go to a facial without needing to change into a robe. i mean those bare-shoulder robe.

When u enter into PW, first thing u need to do is is to change into their usual “bedroom” robe.. and after that, that’s all. You will be asked to lie one their facial bed. But of cuz they will pull open a bit so that it will be convenient for them to do the shoulder massage ltr.

So this one hours, what was done? Regular facial SOP! hahaha! remove makeup, cleanse, scrub, steam, extraction, face & shoulder massage, face mask & ending steps (toner, serum, moisturizer) Which step caught my “attention”? i would say is the scrub, the extraction & the massage!!!!

The scrub is without those microbeads and was leave on while the steamer steam my face~ was told that it has papaya extract .. or was it enzyme? haha! And the extraction, they use hands-only too~ at times will use the extraction tool la but still ok.. bearable pain!

The massage was another great enjoyment too.. but i think the lady kinda slack off towards the end.. cuz its only the first step she did it nicely and the repeated steps she’ll just brush over.. hmm.. but over all i think it’s still a good experience.

What amazed mi most is…… when i reach home, took my shower, i ACCIDENTALLY touched my face and.. WOW!! so smooth~!! hahaha my chin’s out break is like.. cured!! no more uneven texture! smooth! but old scare still visible thou.. hahaha!!

Until now i still feel good!! You can visit Phillip Wain Site to see more, just click HERE!! or can check out my previous post on Phllip Wain M6 tummy treatment HERE!


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