Moo Moo Moootivation!

Mooooo~~~ Finally a nail art post!!

Been wanting to do up a nail art post but haven’t really got time for one.. Too busy at work and too tired to concentrate on painting a good one!

It’s always good to look around for inspiration! And happen so that I saw this cow art on YouTube and Instagram! So I decide to combine both into one and do it my way!!!

Below is the one i saw on Instagram – by posh_n_sparkle. I’m not too sure if it is 100% by her because “rumour” has it that she steals other’s pic.. quite a few of her pic actually belongs to another person and mostly by @youngwildandpolished!! Shall share with you more about this next time.

Below is what i found on YouTube.. A cow nail art by Creativenailart! You can visit her BLOG to see MORE tooooo!

Both are so nice right?? Well after “studing” both, i did a SMALL revision of it and came up with my own Moo Moo Art!

Below polish i used!

So first of all…… Base coat! The base coat I use here is by Seche! Ridge filling base coat.. It gives a sheer pearl white appearance.. Sorry that I din get to picture it but u can try “visualizing” it with below pic..! Hee!!


For base color, I choose A-England’s Morgan Le Fay instead of regular white polish because i wanted one atas (In Singlish, atas means “high class” – the word is derived from the malay word meaning “upstairs”) cow! Hahahaha!! I used about 3-4 coats to cover up my nail tip (line). Above pic is prolly only 2 coats – can’t remember.. =X i mentioned earlier about ridge filling base coat? It looks similar to Morgan Le Fay but minus off the bling bling look..)

Next, the cow patch!! This is easier then leopard prints IMO! I just grabbed my dotting tool & black onyx and started drawing the patches..!

But do note that, unlike leopard or zebra, cow prints are more of big irregular “round” patch. If u din paint it as “round” patch, your cow might turn out looking like something else…. erm, don’t get it?? Nevermind, see below pic and tell me, which one looks more like a cow prints???

i think the left side one looks more like cow! LOL, ok, i know i know.. enough of cow prints debates… !!!..

So here’s my completed patch..


Satisfied! Shall proceed with my moo moo face!!


For my moo moo face, i used OPI’s Sparrow Me The Drama. Draw the head of a heart, BIG HEAD and put 2 long dots with ur dotting tool as its nostril! remember to dot ur moo moo eyes!!

If you like, you can add small prints on its head too…


And now… I’m done with my left hand…! and right hand??


No sweat toooo! just that took a wrong dotting tool and my cow got bigger eyes on my right hand.. =X


Hope you like my moo moo cow! 🙂


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