Loreal Lucent Magique BB Cream

SERIOUSLY.. I gave up in waiting for this Lucent Magique BB Cream (sample). It took forever to reach mi! I’m very excited about this product initially.. but now, NAH!

20121019-231501.jpg  20121019-231521.jpg

This is Loreal’s latest beauty product! The 10-in-1 magique bb cream!

20121019-231559.jpg  20121019-231735.jpg

It comes out white with “microbeads”… i thot this whole thing is gona WHITEN my face.. O_O

20121019-231900.jpg  20121019-231909.jpg

But as i blends it on my hand… i think the “microbeads” sort of break open and becomes nude colour..


Thus it eventually does blends in with your skin giving you a more radiant look. Seems like “radiant” is the beauty key word now…

Sorry for the really short post, i promised to “amend” this post once i start using this product!!


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