Non-Rinse Make-up Remover!

Bifesta!!! hey u know wat!? i think i found another good stuff!! Got this sample pack from Bifesta FB page!! took quite some time to receive but definitely way much faster than Loreal samples!

Initially, i didn’t really have much interest in this as i had tried a few water base remover before and it wasnt up to my expectation.. was rather disappointing. So good thing is Bifesta have this sample available for us to try before purchasing!!

Size of this sample is 30ml.. Yes, it’s not alot but good enough for me to know whether its good or not!! I can’t really recall if i had chosen this skin-type remover for myself of was it a by-default selection.

I got myself a remover for Combination & Oily Skin – Tightens pores with green tea extract! Just what i needed!! geeez! Like i mention earlier, this is a water base, gentle but powerful makeup remover!! It’s a 3-in-1 lotion that removes makeup, cleanses & moisturises without the need for additional rinsing.

Well, tested and proven! what’s my thought?? i think this is good!

It really can remove my makeup, even my eyeliner without much hassle! Convenient in a way that i can still watch tv while removing my makeup! even after i’m done removing, there no need to rush to wash away the remover! Best part, it does not leave behind any greasy feeling/texture!! Face as good as cleanser washed! OH and !! no fear of eye getting tingy feeling when u trying to remove eye makeup (but pls, just because it does have tingy feeling, doesnt mean u can pour whole bottle into ur eyes!!!)

OK! i have BIGGGG face.. so basically this ONE pcs of cotton pad is only half my face!

So by the time i’m using my third cotton pad, my face is almost clean….

Seriously if i have to choose between this and my Biore Jelly remover, this is really gona be a big struggle!! both are as good as the best! Biore Jelly remover is quick and easy – just that you have to wash ur face. But for Bifesta, tho its more time consuming, i can watch TV now when i remove makeup!!!

So i guess its up to individual to judge! 🙂


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