My Whitening Treatment

FRECKLES!! My all-time-killer! It made me hate sun~! seriously~!

Went shopping one fine day w my girlfriend and got to know that Loreal is having a promotion!! What promo?? ha~ Dual products for a lower price! For my case, its definitely gona be my whitening products!! they have anti-aging set too. But i doubt i’ll need that for now!

So i grabbed just this whitening set! It consist of a full size Youth Code Boosting Essence & White Perfect Laser Essence.


I’ve been using them for quite soe time.. about 2 weeks??? what’s my thot.. hmm.. seriously i think i need more time to tell. I don’t feel that my freckles have gotten any lighter – maybe i see them everyday so i don’t feel any diff?? but at least im happy that i dun see more growing overnight!

I don know if this happens to u. but it happens to me! i can have “new” freckles overnight!! I looked at myself in the mirror every morning (not on purpose but the mirror is there when i brush my teeth!! how to not look at myself??!), and sometimes i can see new “things” on my face.. suddenly i can have one new spot on my nose and it will stay forever.. -___- Thus im actually quite happy that after using these product, i don see new spot (at last for now!)

If it takes 3 months to see result i promise i will stay hardworking to see results!! >_<

BTW, did i mention?? i went for a pigmentation specialist facial that day!! WHERE?? It’s……

*click image to proceed to site*

I got a complimentary session at Shakura because…. *can’t remember why* probably some deal promo..

I must be honest!! It really lightens my pigmentation in just one treatment!! Other than pigmentation, my blackheads were 60% gone!! Pores were also minimized!! The facial massage was good too… one other thing i like about it is.. the extraction process was “hands-on”! No equipment used! thus its not that PAIN LIKE HELL! Seriously, i hate extraction everytime i go facial but i kinda love the extraction here…

Sadly i was too tired and hungry to actually stay behind to hear wat treatment package they can offer me and i decided to leave the place for my late late dinner!! im glad they didn’t really do much hard sell on me (and my girlfriend – we went together, FYI) as i read many review say they are very POWERFUL in hard-selling! We SURVIVED that stage!! hahahaha! Probably because it was really late the time i went so (my facial ended around 9.30pm).. everybody wanted to go home SOON and we ended everything without wasting much time. CHOP CHOP GO! hahaha!

seriously if i have the vitamin $$, i will sign up for package there.. but location really is a turn off.. But again!!! for beauty sake, i think location is not an issue! HAHAHA!!!



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