Makeup No More~!

TODAY!!! nothing too special .. just that TODAY is my LAST day at work…. as a contractor!! congratz to self!! From next mth onwards, i will officially become a part of my company!! I’m finally a pemenant staff!!! YEAH!! V(^___^)V

Hee! ok.. after that little good news, now im gona share is this… BIORE Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets!! It’s alcohol-free and instantly remove all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara! dun believe? read on!

This pack contain ONE sheet and this one sheet is enuff of remove my makeup! Each moist sheet contains cleansing oil that can remove stubborn makeup gently and effectively! Sooo how big is this ONEEE sheet??

This BIG.. my fleshy palm size big.. >_< haha! sorry for the poor resolution! oops!

I’m trying to show you the “effectiveness” of removing makeup, so i tried to do some self shot.. but.. seems like im not very camera friendly today.. SO! no decent pics except those below!!


I’m wearing The Makeup Store’s Makeup Base, Ettusais’s BB Mineral Cream, KATE’s Mineral Loose Powder, Cybercolor’s blusher,  KATE’s Gel Eyeliner Pencil. It’s a smudgeproof and waterproof (maybe?) eyeliner. Kinda love Kate’s eyeliner.. Bobbi Brown’s waterproof mascara & The Makeup Store’s Blotting Powder. Madly in love w TMS’s Blotting Powder! Probably will do a post on that some other day!! hahahaha!


So now, i took my cleansing sheet and hold firmly on my eyes for… 5 seconds (ok! i hold more then that!).. AND……….

Mascara OFF~ ok it din show alot here.. but it really did came off.. Just that i need a few more rubs. i used half of the sheet to remove half of my face…!

and how did i feel?? i feel my EYES IMMEDIATELY BECAME SMALLER!! hahahaaha!! nah! I admit i have small eyes! small cute eyes! >_< geez..

Back to my qn! well i feel it’s not bad! Considering it did remove my waterproof mascara, did not “hurt” my eyes and less messy than gel or oil. it does not have sticky feeling or leave oil trace on your face. I think this will be ideal for us ladies who like to travel (getaway/holidays) light.

It’s like just ONE sheet per night (end of makeup day) and u are clean. Definitely better than bringing the whole bottle of makeup remover out then bring back the whole bottle (unfinish) back home again.

If you have read my blog often, you would know that i’m using Biore Gel Remover and i’m loving it. So i think for my case, i’ll definitely keep this cleansing sheet for travel use rather than buy whole pack and use as normal removal process.

Still love my gel remover best..!! see short review HERE. 😀


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