Foot Detox!

I think I’m too “poisonous”… this is not the first time i use a foot detox patch. and out of 10 times, 10 times i get BLACK patch!

Bought this from SGLADY in (HERE!)

Personally i feel this is better than the Kinohimitsu i bought. at least i can feeel that i am really “detoxing”!!

Each packet of “herb” is nicely sealed in a wrapper. safety and hygiene!

Now.. what good can a foot detox do?? MANY! According to SGlady:



Detox patches absorb toxins from the vola (bottom of foot).  Examples of heavy metals are Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Arsenic, to name just a few . Detox Foot Patches pulls out heavy metals which are embedded deep within organs and tissues. This is a non-painful application.  Just attach patches to bottom of feet/foot at bedtime. The patches assist the body in doing what it wants to do naturally, expel toxins. Works as well as, or better than intravenous chelation. The body can heal itself of many diseases once toxins are removed.


Benefits of Detox Foot Pads:

§ Release unwanted toxins

§ Increase energy levels

§ Reduce aches, pains, headaches and tiredness

§ Relieve stress

§ Increase metabolism

§ Aid weight loss

§ Be totally discreet – Works while you sleep

§ Simple and easy to use


Foot patch discharges internal moisture and toxins through acupuncture points on the vola (bottom of foot).   The magical amazing effect of this foot patch can be both felt and seen.  It has become one of the most popular and well-known detox and healthcare product throughout South Korea and Japan, and is now rapidly sweeping through Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, America & European countries.

How to use?? Easy! Every night before you go to bed, just smack a pair under your feet. Put for how long? approximately 6-8hrs will do! just nice beauty sleeps duration!

The main ingredient of this detox foot patch is natural bamboo vinegar quintessence, which has super functions of infiltration and toxin-dispelling. Other ingredients are: Minus Ion, Carapace, Vitamin C, Cornstarch, Tourmaline, Plant Powder & Wood Vinegar.


Its effects can last as long as 8 hours. By using this foot patch, toxins and wastes resorted in incretion, intestinal canal and circulatory system can be quickly expelled from body.  It has functions of wiping off fleck, eliminating constipation, relieving fatigue, promoting sleep, relieving ankylosis and pressure of the neck, shoulder, waist, back and extremities while brightening and purifying the skin. Jungong Foot Patches are  All-natural, herbal, and transdermal.  It is a safe, convenient, non-invasive, and popular way to effectively stimulate body systems to promote healing of the body and a youthful lifestyle

I think i’m going to whack more of this foot detox patch~!! niceeeee!


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