Having Fun Samples!

Okay ladies.. How many of you actually use a feminine wash for “intimate care”? No need to raise your hand.. u can keep that secret! hahaha..

I got to know about this brand Lacacyd from Singapore Women Weekly magazine.. There were samples attached in the mag.. White Intermate & Revitalise!


I tried the White Intimate and gave revitalize to my mom.. i don’t know about her but i think this seems not bad! If you are keen to try, u can go to this LINK to redeem a set of  sample. Samples will be post to you home. Be fast! i don’t know when this redemption will ends.




RED ALERT: Are you Watsons member?? If you are.. good news!!! From 11th Oct till 31st Oct, the will be a member’s bonus points if you purchase Lactacyd! You can check with Watsons stores for more details!!

Next in my mailbox!!! *excited*


My samples from The Sample Store!! Just register HERE and you are on your way to redeem your first 3 samples!!

So what did i choose??


Ossion Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask! read reviews on it.. like not bad! but i haven started using… i will update this space when review is ready!!


Hadalabo lotion.. heard many good comments about this but.. seriously.. i have no plans to use it so sooon!


减肥咯!!2 mini tubes of Bio-essence Inchloss body scrub and body cream.


The body scrub is really like normal body scrub! no hot sensation but it is definitely HOT! WHY? cuz i accidentally rub my eyes with it and i nearly cant open my eyes~ OOOH~~~


This is the body cream.. smell sweet too.. really! they do not have those tingy hot smell.. u wun feel like using slimming products..

But seriously the effect.. YET TO SEE ANY! hahahahahaha!!!


Tadaaaa~~~!! my samples from beauty counter! i hope they dun ban mi one day! but… i got these from my mom and friends…


First, i got my Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion! this BB cream is lightweight and really soothing! but the coverage isn’t very good. Freckles! u can’t hide under them~! Yes, you can hide freckles! Do it correctly and you will have less visible freckles! How? Instead of swipe them across your face, dap them on spotted area…!


A 4g sample is quite a reasonable i think… but probably only good for 2-3 use?? Tested. Good for at least a week!


Sample comes w a mini sponge for application..


See… this is while applying, u can see it isn’t really very heavy..


i applied on my right half of hand.. can u see the difference?? well, i can’t! some of u may think its good cuz it doesn’t makes u look like wearing a “mask”.. but i think different. If there is no difference, then wat for i apply it???


now this pic, i applied on my whole hand. Seems fairer but.. may be due to lighting!


This isn’t some magnificent pic.. just wanted to show u my gel remover can remove this BB Cream tooo~ ^_^


NOW.. bare hand after remove BB Cream, seems like hand looks brighter.. HAHAH! not bad afterall… 😀


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