Something NEW!

Good Morning Everybody!

Last night i did some changes to my blog.. Not really a change but more like added some fun! If you scroll down slowly, on my right side bar, you should be able to see all my recent post, top post, category, archive… and so on.. ok! that’s not what i’m trying to tell u.. =P But if u continue to scroll down… down.. down… you will see something new!!

Some treats for you to REDEEM!! These treats are not “organized” by me. I just happened to know about it and decided to SHARE them with you~!

I love samples.. i love complimentary treats.. well who doesn’t? Now you can redeem branded cosmetic samples, go for complimentary skin consultation and even mini facial!! ALL AT NO COST (hard selling not guaranteed!)!! but remember to read fine prints! Because what seems ok for me might not be ok for you.. Say, there might be a shipping fee of S$1.99 which i think is ok to pay for but may not be ok for some.. Some sites may require personal information (NRIC, D.O.B., Address) which i think is ok to provide but some may hesitate a bit..

Well it’s all up to you to click.. I don’t earn like a cent per click from this site.. i’m just sharing what i think is interesting/useful..! I will try to “research” more of this treats for you and myself of course!!

Hope you will like this added fun!! Because I’m loving it~!! hahaha…!!


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