Ettusais Foam Party!

All set for an early Saturday Party!


Here i am st Shiseido Office! Did i come to the wrong place? Of cuz not.. Ettusais is part of Shiseido! Later i can show u other brands that are under Shiseido too..


I think i’m too early and the ladies are still preparing for the party! So i sat at this eye catching red sofa to wait for them.


On my left (when sitting at the sofa), is this Beauty Room. i think this is their facial room b’coz a lady came to me shortly saying this red sofa is only for this facial customer and she direct me to seat at the other end to wait. (Now then y did the lady at the front desk ask mi to sit der – is she not aware that it’s for facial customer only???)


OK! so here’s the other brands that you can catch a glimpse when in their office.. Z.A., Majolica Majorca, Ettusais (of course!) and etc etc…


So without further delay, the trainer starts her presentation .. Let me recall her name… *recalling*



Hands on experiment for you too.. this is the foam cleanser, star product for this party!

As u can see.. it is really very dense.. and guess what.. it really bounce! hahahaha! FUN! My hand is full of bb cream and this foam cleanse did clean them off with much effort.

This is a really interesting product and definitely attractive! it can remove makeup and cleanse ur face at the same time.. i know out in the market there are already quite a few products that has this function.. remove makeup and cleanse. BUT how many actually comes in foam form and provide moisturizing effect?



After the presentation, there even a mini competition for us to play! Who can lather a foam first!!? I’m really curious to find out how they lather such dense foam! Honestly, after seeing them lather, now i know the trick!


Well, a little corner with light refreshments for us too.. but i din ate any.. guess its too early for mi to feel hungry..

Overall, this party is an eye opener to me. Its a short session but you get to learn about their products.. OH! there’s even a skin analyst corner for you to find out your skin type! That, i didn’t mgt to pic it dw.. 😦

Produce wise, it is good. but i will not get it. Firstly, why would i want to get something that can’t remove waterproof makeup. Yes, it can’t remove waterproof makeup. i will need a seperate eye makeup remover or etc to remove them. For this, i think Biore’s Gel remover is doing well. Tho i may need to cleanse my face with a seperate face wash, but im fine. Secondly, after doing the skin analyst, this product may not be suitable for me. I’m more suitable for the Pore Care Wash – the one which we’ll need to lather our own foam..

So if you plan to get one of this Foam Cleanser, head down to their counter and check out more about it with their friendly staff or visit their SITE… 🙂


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