Mini Treats with Origins & Sampar

Ah haa.. how’s ya holiday!? This long weekend is a good one for mi! made arrangement to visit Phillip Wain, Origins & Sampar with my girlfriend.. Nice experience tho some things went “missing”.. =P

Our first stop!! Phillip Wain….

A very simple look before u enter Phillip Wain.. couldn’t take more pic when i head in cuz my mobile was in the locker.. our appointment was 11.30am & 12.00pm but somehow i don’t know why they only attend to us and changed our appointment to 12.00pm and 12.30pm. Are you thinking why we’re taking 2 time slots? cuz they have only 1 M6 Intergral LPG machine, so can only do it one at a time.. Oh did i mention? we were here because we have a VanityTrove treats.. Subscribe to July’s box and get a complimentary tummy tamer session worth S$110 for 30 minutes..

After we changed into their robe, we head str8 to the M6 treatment room.. My experience..? PAIN! hahaaa the suction was.. arggghh pain.. but it indeed made mi lost 2cm+ on my abdominal and waist!! WOW~!! my friend’s experience… ? PAIN as well~!! hahahhaha!!! but she lost some cm too..!

After our session, we are free to use the facilities there.. steam room.. gym room.. little cafe.. The beauty consultant who provide all the info to me was quite hard selling which i don like.. had told her i’m rushing for appointment yet she wants me to make a decision “now” to sign up for membership..  It’s not expensive till i’ll drop my pants.. but i just don like hard selling.. (and the lady did not give me this tissue!! LOL!! got this from my friend instead..) If you are interested in joining as member, visit HERE to find out more or HERE to apply your 1 day free exercise pass!

Membership is really not that expensive.. Depending which period u signed up.. Membership can cost as low as S$130 per month to S$180 per month.

S$130 – Phillip Wain 21st Anniversary Promo.

S$180 – One for One Promo (that means its S$180 for two month)

Best part, all classes are free of charge! as long as u have the time, u can just walk in to attend them, UNLIMITED.. Gym usage unlimited too..

BTW, they not only have exercise program, they also do facial and massage..! and for the MOST IMPORTANT point… this is a LADIES ONLY center! Feel privileged for being a woman!

By the time we ended our session, it’s almost…. 2.15pm.. see.. she’d been hard selling to me for soo long.. LOL! Anyway.. aft Phillip Wain treat, we headed to Origins at Centerpoint for our Mini Facial.

Origins counter is just at the entrance of Robinson.. easy to find..

This is the Plantscription series product that were newly launched.. With Vanity Trove treat, i got the chance to experience it.. but again, u can too.. Just give them a call to book your free mini facial now..! Visit HERE to find out more!!

How was mini facial conducted? Well, very openly.. but no worries, not much ppl will be bothered with what u’re doing.. hahaha!! 

These are the products that were used on my face.. i particularly like the face scrub.. it really smoothen my skin LOTS~ i think this is a great product!! and i like the sunblock too.. it brighten ur complexion and has this sweet citrus scent..

But one thing keeps bothering me.. i thot by showing them the VT card, i’ll get my one day supply of Plantscription anti-aging duo?? but i did not get anything… hmm.. 😦

So i called up (while writing this blog) and Angie who did facial for me was kind enuff to keep one for me (it’s actually a eye cream if im not wrong..).

After our mini facial, we went looking for SAMPAR.. it’s a little counter that will often be overlooked i think.. Again.. i thot she will do a 1 minute quick fix treatment for me but turns out, her first reaction was only to open the cardboard and pass mi the mini glamour shots eye. Also, i brought all 3 samples that i got from Vanity Trove and wanted to check out more about it (like how to use, how to better enhance the effect, etc) but her explanation really makes me goes like.. “y do u need a promoter here? might as well put one poster size instruction manual by your counter, it works equally good..”

“for this XXX, u use after u wash ur face..” – After i wash my face, i use many other product know.. toner.. moisturizer.. eye cream.. serum.. blah blah blah.. so XXX is to replace which step or bef/aft which step.. sigh..

You think i can’t read? at least educate your user what your products are all about & what it acts as (ie: mask? serum? primer?)  Kinda sad with the service attitude. Probably will not patronised again..

At the end of our treats day, we went shopping and eating beautifully!!! Yeah…!

If you are interested in getting yourself or friend a Vanity Trove, click HERE got subscribe!!


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